An organised business is essential if you want to take time out to attend a conference to learn new ways to grow your business, improve skills, share with others and network. Before heading off to speak at AAPO Conference in Sydney,it was time to get things organised to run smoothly while I was away.

Too often small business owners put off the opportunity to work on their business such as attending a conference, simply because they don’t feel that things will run without them.

Here are 3 simple techniques to get organised and keep your eye on the ball I put into place to help while you are out of the office.

Be clear on who is on your Support team?

Clearly define who is on your support team.

For small business owners this maybe a friend or family member that steps up to help.

Ask yourself

  • Check they are available while you are away.
  • Do they require certain tools to carry out the work?
  • Do they have easy to follow procedures to handle inquiries?

Lines of Communication

Staying in touch with the office and clients is critical to keep operations flowing; a missed call could be a missed opportunity.

If you are working without a support team, your office needs to be mobile.

  • Check that your entire critical contacts list is up to date.
  • Backup laptops before leaving the office…just in case!
  • Ensure you have recharging equipment for phones, computers, camera’s etc.
  • Redirect phones to mobile

Ask yourself:

  • Should I change my voice mail message?
  • Do I need to clear my voice mail inbox?
  • Will I need any reference files, relating to current project?
  • Can I check my emails remotely?

 Plan your time

Prior to attending the conference, ask for a copy of the agenda then

  • Arrange “check in” times with the office, this allows your support team to gather all questions and inquires to be discussed at set times, rather than numerous calls and emails, which may interrupt your concentration at conference.

Small business can become more efficient and feel comfortable to leave the office by following these simple organising ideas.

These simple tips made speaking and attending the National AAPO Conference in Sydney last month a more organised and enjoyable occasion.

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