How to organise your bed

How to organise a gorgeous bed without costing the earth


After a busy day our beds should be a haven to retreat to unwind and disconnect from the busy lives we lead. Having a bed that is welcoming instead of covered with clothes, bedside table covered in stuff, does not say “haven” more likely it says ” oh more clutter” “more unfinished projects”

A gorgeous bed in not difficult to organise and it does not require buying anything, it’s a matter of removing clutter, rethinking your space and working with mother nature and soothe our worries and help us drift off for a restful night sleep.

Here are five easy steps to help you create a gorgeous bed.

Step 1

Remove all clutter from bedside tables, only leave things that you love and are beautiful. So remove phones, ipads and kids books, because this is your space. Return items that do not belong in this space to their correct home, recycle old magazines, papers or broken ewaste or if still working and you no longer use it, pass on to someone

Step 2

Refresh all doonas, blankets, pillows, throws, underlays, cushions by airing them outside. Sunlight is one of mother natures best disinfectants and fresh air is perfect to fluff up everything. Any linen or blankets that are beyond use why not contact your local animal welfare shelters and ask if they require any.

Step 3

Wash all your bedlinen and for an extra touch of luxury add your favourite natural fragrance to washing water, such as rose water or lavender.  Tip: Don’t buy detergents just because they have a tree or dolphin on the logo, ask for a sample to try or ask a fried for recommendations or visit Planet Ark

Step 4

Remake your bed with freshly washed and line dried linen, add you fluffed up doona’s, blankets, pillows and cushions.

Step 5

Add your special finishing touches, such as a fresh posies of flowers, a beautiful soft floor mat beside your bed, always nice when your feet hit the ground in the morning.

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