Paperwork causes great stress to many people, and to be honest I have put off writing a blog on how to organise paper, simply because I thought my system was too simple, sure there must be a better way to organise paper in 3 simple steps, the key is keep in simple and chunk it down. Henry Ford best describes it well

“Nothing is particularly hard if you divide it into small jobs.”

Step 1

Choose a landing place for your mail, ONE location in your home to read, pay bills and file and action all paperwork.

  • Choose the type of container you would like to use, avoid trays as things tend to get buried, look at folders, spikes or clips to hold and store bills.
  • Look around your home first before buying anything new, you may have clips and folders lurking in the cupboard ready to help you organise your paperwork and bills.

Step 2

Set up files or dividers in your folder for recurring bills, notices and paperwork etc.

Here are some examples

  • Bills to Pay Gas, Electricity, Insurance
  • Claims to Make Hospital, insurance, gift vouchers
  • Filing Paid bills, statements, magazines, books, articles, business cards, superannuation
  • Reading Magazines, newsletters, personal letters
  • Correspondence Phone calls, emails, items awaiting response, study notes
  • Update contact Data base, mobile planner, paper planner, address book with names address, emails, phone numbers

Step 3 Just Do It

Paper work commonly backups due to the lack of effort we put into organising it. Unless you have your own personal organiser or PA, paperwork will not get organised on its own, it comes down to just doing it.

We cannot always open mail as it comes into the house, rather than stress out

  • Allocate a time each week to sort, organise, pay bills, file and action anything that requires attention.
  • Discard rubbish, recycle papers either by shredding and adding to your compost bin or place in the recycle bin.

Life is too short to waste looking for paperwork, stressing over late payment of bills, just keep it simple and just do it!

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