Our Philosophy

Saving our Environment and our Future

We are incredibly passionate about our environment – organising to create time and space in lives, in a way that won’t cost the earth, with this in mind we:

  • Work what we already have – getting organised doesn’t mean buying more ‘stuff’ to clutter your home – just the opposite.
  • We can always find another purpose for your unwanted or unused things.
  • We’ll reintroduce you to things you may not have seen in years, it’s just like Christmas!
  • Where possible we work with people local to your area, keeping the travel to a minimum, jobs and money in our local community.
  • Work closely with local charities, recycling facilities, to find ways to divert unwanted things from landfill.
  • We introduce you to our The 10R’s© Eco Organising solution
  • The 10R’s©-Rethink, Responsible, Refuse, Repurpose, Reorganise, Repair, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Reward yourself.
  • Can’t find where and how to recycle, visit our Recycling & Responsible Disposal, keep up with our latest eco organising ideas, sign up to our newsletter or follow our blogs, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest Instagram

In fact, getting organised can save our environment and your bank balance. So before you rush out and buy those new fangled ‘storage’ ideas, take a look around, because you may already have them right under your nose.

To find out how I can help you get organised and stay environmentally friendly, call me on 0448 877 902, or email tanya@ecoorganiser.com.au