Can your business afford spatial clutter? With office and warehouse space leased and/or sold by the per square metre /foot, paying for space affected by clutter, which cannot be used or accessed for its intended purpose, does not make financial sense, learn how to conquer clutter.

Offices, warehouse space, storage facilities, lunchrooms, boardrooms, meeting rooms, thoroughfares, even vehicles are prone to clutter clusters. Left disorganised, space commonly becomes congested and backed up with stuff.

De-cluttering creates a sense of confidence and self-efficacy… Source: Psychology Today  clutter reflects an image of disorganisation, hinders traffic flow, and imprints a negative message on the people working within this space and visitors to this space. So, can your business really afford clutter?

Where do I start?

Take a photograph of the space (office, warehouse, thoroughfare, car etc) and take a moment and take a good look at it, you may be surprised to see things you had not seen for some time, things have blended in, walking past them every day yet never really noticing them.

Remove the following items- rubbish, out of date or delinquent items or equipment, items broken (beyond repair) any items suitable for donation. Set aside any items worth selling and ensure they are complete before listing to sell (example- cords, software, manuals etc)

Clearing space of items no longer relevant (clutter) offers an accurate view and appreciation of the size on offer.

There’s no blanket rule to define clutter, it is different for everyone; defining clutter comes down to a few simple questions. Ask yourself

Do I need now?

Do I need in the future?

Responsible Disposal

Although office clutter hold little value to you, it still holds value, when placed in the right hands we start to see new opportunities arise.  At Eco Organiser® our mission to help our clients ethically de-clutter, embrace corporate responsibility and do good for the planet by responsibly disposing of unwanted stuff.


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Are you looking to create positive space in your office, or are your employees out growing your current space?  Check out our Useful Links and find ways to responsibly dispose of unwanted items in your business.

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