Home styling can be done on a budget and add $1000’s to your sell price. Generally, our homes are our biggest investment and when it comes to selling, we really want it to stand out from the competition. But why go to the expense of hiring furniture and the inconvenience of moving all your furniture out, then bringing in the hire furniture, worrying about your walls and doorways.

Then the worry of the hire furniture with the kids, cats and dogs until your house is sold. A cost effective and easy way to present your home for sale is to utilise what you have, by doing this you can save literally $1000’s of dollars and a lot less stress.

How to home style on a budget

Without meaning to sound rude we can’t make a purse out of pig’s ears, if your home is stuck in the 1940’s to the 1980’s and has not received any tlc it is time to roll your selves up and get stuck in with a paintbrush maybe update old curtains and blinds to let the light in and show what your property has to offer.

Likewise, your furniture needs to be in good condition, shabby and chic does not cut it for every buyer.

Working with a young family with 3 young children it was obvious to all that the 3 family sofas looked a little worse for wear, apart from the fact they looked like they had been involved in a game of “paintball” they were very much loved and enjoyed by the family. In other words, they just needed a little face lift.

Rather than going to the expense of replacing the sofa’s or recovering them as they did not know the colour scheme of their new home, the Eco Organiser® team arranged for slip covers made to cover the stains. We worked in a colour that could be easily blended with any colour scheme, to ensure easy of laundering the slip covers were made from hemp so can be easily removed and washed.

Investing in quality slip covers may seem like an unnecessary expense but they can disguise the hideous 1950’s or stained sofa, when presenting your property for sale it is best to draw the eye to a feature such as a fantastic view your living room has to offer rather than an eye sore.

The outcome of this story, the sofas moved to another city and were used for many years to come, the beauty of hemp is it gets softer has it gets older, and when it wears beyond repair it can be composted.

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