Ethically declutter your home in 30 days

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Over 30 days we guide you through each room in your home to help.

  • Identify your clutter.
  • How to ethically declutter.
  • How to rid your life of clutter.
  • And challenge you to rethink your consumption habits.
  • Joining us on this journey are the faithful The 10R’s©

Our eco-friendly organising system that helps reduce clutter, create space in your life and help protect our environment.

  1. Rethink 2. Responsible 3. Refuse 4. Repurpose 5. Reorganise Repair 7. Reduce 8. Reuse 9. Recycle 10. Reward

Though small lifestyle changes, you can reduce clutter and do good for the planet.



Want to ethically declutter your home and live well and waste less?  In Tanya’s latest she shares over 10 years experience as a Professional Eco Organiser® with her life long passion of sustainable living and mission to reduce waste to landfill. You will learn how to ethically declutter your home, how to responsibly dispose of unwanted items and discover the joy of living well and wasting less.

Tanya debunks the idea you must buy more stuff, utilising The 10R’s learn how to repurpose and use what you have before buying more. This book is a beginners guide to ethical decluttering your home.  Filled with practical tips that won’t cost the earth, to save time and money and reduce waste.


  • How to identify your clutter
  • How to ethically declutter
  • How to eco organise your home
  • How to responsibly dispose of unwanted items
  • How to rethink your consumption habits
  • How to use The 10R’s©
  1. Rethink 2. Responsible 3. Refuse 4. Repurpose 5. Reorganise Repair 7. Reduce 8. Reuse 9. Recycle 10. Reward

For many people clutter robs them of time, space and limits their ability to live the life they want, in her second book Tanya Lewis aka The Eco Organiser® sets out daily eco friendly tasks to help you regain control over your time and space and do good for our planet.

Tanya has taught over 8000+ how to ethically declutter and reduce waste, She knows there is a need and desire to ethically declutter and simplify life. With her unyielding passion to reduce waste to landfill, The Eco Organiser® has diverted over an estimated 44 000kg of unwanted items from landfill.

Tanya Lewis founder of Eco Organiser®, The 10R’s©, Motivational Speaker, Author of STUFF OFF! & Planet Ark Ambassador, challenges society to rethink the true cost of clutter and waste on our planet.

It just makes good sense!

Tanya makes the impossible seem possible with her pragmatic tips and helpful advise.

Her care for the environment incorporated into her work blends seamlessly.

She’s saving the planet, people’s wallets and their sanity

Planet Ark

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