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To ethically declutter and make your project easier and help divert waste from landfill, we are constantly looking for ways to reduce waste, responsibly recycle and turn unwanted stuff into opportunities.

Useful links to recycling and practicing responsible disposal are two of the simplest things we can do to reduce our impact on the environment. For example, recycling six aluminium cans saves enough energy to offset a 10km car trip.

Due to COVID-19 many charities are not accepting goods, please check first and respect their current terms and conditions. 

We want to help you save  time, energy and help protect our environment and welcome your contributions, please email us your hot recycling resources, and watch this space for frequent updates.


E Waste

  • Drop Zone  nationwide recycling service for televisions, computers, printers and computer peripherals. Available to all householders, small business and schools
  • ERNI  Are grateful for, and rely on, donations of computers and related equipment in working order or not. Selected computers are refurbished and made available to people with disabilities
  • Mobile Muster The official recycling program of the Australian Mobile Phone Industry
  • TechCollect: Recycling e-waste responsibly. Free national recycling service for computers, computer accessories and TV’s (e-waste)


  • Fashion Trade Country Road with Australian Red Cross give clothes a new life
  • SCR Group manage over 1,500 clothing and shoe drop-off hubs around Australia (excluding Tasmania and NT).
  • Upparel Clothing collection service, offering our community the chance to return their old clothes and shoes without leaving home


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