When it comes to de-cluttering and creating order in our home, careers and lives, RETHINK is Number No.1 in our sustainable organising system The 10R’s© for a very important reason. When we stop and pause for 3 seconds to rethink a future purchase or reasoning for holding on to stuff, it allows our emotions to catch up with our rational thoughts. It calms our mind to evaluate what you need and want in your life.

Hanging onto stuff that does not make us happy is not rational, likewise buying something which does not add value to our lives does not make sense. It’s not uncommon to see people shopping for stuff to fill a void in their life, toys for kids when a marriage has broken down, handbags and shoes the celebrities wear, because we think we will live the same life, if we only have those shoes, buying the latest herbs and spices so you too can become the greatest chief on the planet.

When we stop and rethink for 3 seconds ask yourself

  • Do I need it?
  • Do I love it?
  • Does/will it add value to my life?

Environmental Impact

Why should we “rethink” before we buy something new, accept more stuff into our homes, office or lives?

Every physical thing requires some sort of energy to produce, whether it be water and fertilizer to grow wheat for breakfast cereal, chemical dyes to dye cotton for new pair of jeans or ear buds for your phone, it takes energy and resources: oil for plastics, trees for paper, metal for wiring to produce products. Did you know 11 000 litres of water are necessary for a pair of jeans a single pair of jeans! Something to think about when you see “buy one get one free” rethink, do I really need the extra pair?

Rethinking and organising space creates a clear understanding of what we have, use and need. When we know what we have, we are less likely to buy more of the same. With this in mind we can save time, space, money and reduce the impact stuff has on the planet.

Case Study: While working with a client to de-clutter and organise the kitchen, we started to see multiples of jam, in fact we found 36 jars of red jam. My client said “I didn’t know I had it, so I went and bought more”, we call this the vicious clutter spiral.

Rethink-Vicious Clutter Spiral

The vicious clutter spiral not only adds to our carbon footprint, it wastes valuable time, costs money and adds layers of stress to our busy lives. Seriously who has time to waste going to the store to buy jam only to discover there is a stockpile at home.  Solution: Get in touch with clutter and stop the vicious clutter spiral.

Rethink-Save Money

No one is exempt from falling into the vicious clutter spiral, an office without a central organised stationary cupboard or a neglected electronic ordering system can easily lead to over spending, slowing down output, costing money and adding to frustration and stress.

Rethink Space

Having a roof over our heads is something so many of us take for granted, so why not love the space you have and rethink the stuff that does not make you happy, so you can fulfill your dreams and aspirations. I recently heard of a program Homeshare Australia matching people in need of accommodation with people looking for support within their home, elderly people looking for someone to live in to act as a support or company, allowing them to stay in their own home longer without feeling cut off from society. Clearing the spare room may open up a world of opportunities to you and others.

Life is too short to be looking for stuff.

There are many organising systems available and you may have one in place that just requires a few changes or updates to improve the harmony in your home and life.

There is no need throw the baby out with the bathwater, if your current system meets some of your needs. Rethink your current system until you feel comfortable and start to see the change you want. If you struggle to see where changes can be made, try explaining your system to a trusted associate, friend a fresh set of eyes often pick up things we may not see, or hire a Professional Eco Organiser.

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