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Ethically declutter for a sustainable Christmas-The 10R’s

December 2, 2020 @ 11:30 am - 12:30 pm

Want to ethically declutter your home and enjoy a sustainable Christmas but don’t know where to start? From the comfort of your own home learn how to ethically declutter and responsibly dispose of clutter. Australia’s leading Eco Organiser® Tanya Lewis, shares her 10+ years experience in the  Professional Organising industry to help you ethically declutter, reduce waste, save time, money and reduce your carbon footprint.

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Imagine Christmas with less clutter and stress


  • The true cost of clutter and waste
  • The environmental impact of clutter
  • How to identify clutter
  • How to ethically declutter
  • How to find good homes for unwanted stuff
  • The art of mindful consumption
  • How to responsibly donate
  • How to recycle right, reduce, repurpose and responsibly dispose of unwanted items

You will leave with a clear understanding of what clutters your life and learn easy to follow lifestyle changes that make a world of difference.

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Tanya Lewis aka The Eco Organiser® Waste Coach, Author of STUFF OFF! & her new book

Ethically Declutter your Home in 30 Days

Eco Organiser® works to transform wasteful habits through advocacy, program delivery and collaboration. With the goal to maximise the health and well-being of communities and habitat to reduce waste and enable the programs to continue after they leave.

From the bush to the boardrooms to UK and the Sydney Opera House Tanya has taught over 8000 people how to ethically declutter, rethink stuff, reduce and recycle right.

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