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How to ethically declutter and reduce waste-The 10R’s

November 11, 2020 @ 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Want to ethically declutter and reduce waste but don’t know where to start? From the comfort of your own home join this webinar to learn how to ethically declutter and responsibly dispose of clutter. Australia’s leading Eco Organiser®, Tanya Lewis shares her 20+ years experience in the packaging  and Professional Organising industry to help you ethically declutter, reduce waste, recycle right plus save time, money and reduce your carbon footprint.

Imagine a life with less clutter and waste


  • The true cost of clutter and waste
  • The environmental impact of clutter
  • How to identify clutter
  • How to ethically declutter
  • How to find good homes for unwanted stuff
  • How to rethink consumption and greenwash
  • How to responsibly donate not dump
  • How to recycle right and reduce waste
  • How to reduce, repurpose and responsibly dispose of unwanted items

You will leave with a clear understanding of what clutters your life and learn that small lifestyle choices make a world of difference.

Hosted by The Eco Organiser®

We value your privacy, for this reason, this webinar will not recorded.

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Tanya Lewis Professional Eco Organiser®, Waste Coach, Author, Motivational Speaker, Planet Ark Ambassador, Blogger and visionary believes that being organised won’t cost the earth.

Tanya is on a mission to teach communities that being organised won’t cost the earth. Over the past few years over 8000+ people from the bush to the UK and Sydney Opera House have attended her interactive workshops and seminars, demonstrating how easy it is to save time, money and help protect the planet.

The Eco Organiser® community has helped divert an estimated 42 000+ kg of stuff from landfill, simply by finding good homes for unwanted stuff.

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