$6623 is the total financial value of clutter respondents from a recent study, estimated is cluttering homes, this translates to $59 361 949 000 worth of clutter Australia wide. Source: Core Data

What would you do with an extra $6623?

  • Holiday
  • Top up the mortgage, pay rent, save towards a deposit
  • Pay off credit card bill, car payments

When we know what we have we are less likely to buy more of the same, thus saving money and reducing clutter. Sorting, organising and de-cluttering works like a stock-take it highlights what we have, need and use.

Six Top Tips to De-clutter and Save Serious Money

1. Sort collections like with like

Helps determine how much you have and also if you have duplicates. Consider getting some boxes at the ready and label them – stuff to keep, stuff to sell and stuff to recycle.

2. Duplicates

From the duplicates choose one you favour the most to keep. Look out for damage, stains, wear and tear. Unless aging of the item adds extreme value, it’s time to let go and responsibly dispose of these items. We don’t want you throwing out a Ming vase!

3. Start Small

Always start small- one box or area of your home at a time. The common downfall to completing a declutter project is the idea of starting large- garage-kitchen-bathroom-wardrobe. Instead think big yet start small.

  •         Garage- tool box
  •         Kitchen- glassware
  •         Bathroom-  out of date medicines
  •         Wardrobe- shoe rack

4. Responsibly Donate

Once you have de-cluttered and set aside quality, clean items to donate, it is important to remove  them asap. Clutter does not need to sit a the front door or in the boot of your car for 6 months.

5. Recycle

Recycling and practicing responsible disposal are two of the simplest things we can do to reduce our impact on the environment. For example, recycling six aluminium cans saves enough energy to offset a 10km car trip. To make your de-cluttering project easier and help divert waste from landfill, we are constantly looking for ways to recycle our unwanted stuff within Australia and other points around the globe. Check out our Recycling Resources

6. Rethink

Before adding anything new to your home or office, stop pause and rethink

  • Do I need it?
  • Do I want it?
  • Do I have similar already?

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