Office sorted

Sorted! Big issues for small business

As a small business owner I know how hard it is to juggle, running a business, household, caring for others, staying focused and finding balance in my life.

Following a on from conversations with several small business owners we discovered there are 7 BIG issues that affect the running of their business

  1. Don’t have set work hours
  2. Lack of storage
  3. Lacks focus and discipline
  4. Planning and organising
  5. Difficult to get in the right mind set
  6. Working from home they were easily distracted
  7. Difficulty in prioritising business from home duties

It is a list I often hear in my role as a Professional Organiser. For those of you that are unfamiliar with Professional Organisers I refer to myself as a plumber. We are invited into homes or small office to help sort, organise, remove blockages that stop you from functioning the way you want to, to enable you to move freely within your own four walls.


Bring out the Plumbers DRILL

D          Dig

R          Release

I           Imagination

L          Linear

L          Longevity


This is where we dig to find blockages, in other words we investigate what stops you from setting work regular hours, identify distractions and ditch the clutter.  Here are some common blockages to consider.

Do you under estimate how much time it takes to complete a task?

Do you have too many things on your “to do list?

Do you plan big rather than chunk down projects?

Do you major on minor task rather than focusing on important tasks?


Where do I start to drill and why?


In a study conducted by OfficeMax they found 46% of employees surveyed had difficulty segregating clutter from essentials. By drilling down you discover your blockage, then it is time to release it and allow positive things to enter your space. For more tips visit How to declutter in 5 simple steps

Clutter is “anything that is no longer relevant and does not add value to your life ” so get rid of the clutter and concentrate on building your business.


Look for shortcuts and automate where possible

Clear the clutter and get ready to create a space that inspires you

Responsible dispose of clutter Check out Eco Organiser® Recycling Resources

Eliminate anything that wastes your time, energy and achieves the desired results

Remove anything that does not add value and gets in the way of completing your daily tasks


What can I do right NOW  to release the blockages?


Once the clutter is removed, space has been created to bring in new ideas and set new goals. It’s time to tap into our imagination, develop new and innovative systems, products or whatever you have had on your to do list/vision board to so long, now that you can finally see light at the end of the tunnel BE BOLD and bring your dream into reality. Check out Top 10 lists that will change your life for ever

Creating a space you enjoy working in goes a long way to reducing distraction and staying focused on the task ahead.

Still can’t make your space work for you or you work better with others around you? Rethink and decamp, head to the library to work or share a communal office with others.


Close your eyes and daydream, focus on how you would like the space to look and feel.

Is it time to smarten up your act to so the décor to reflect your professional standing?

Think about who will use this space and consider their requirements

As your business grows will the space grow with you?

Set a budget on how much you are prepared to invest in your new office


What do I need in my office to operate with ease and what would l love to add to inspire me?


As the office is purged of clutter and looks fabulous, it is time to get down to business, no diversions or excuses, it’s time make a beeline to success.


List 5 things I will do today to help me reach my goals?

Here’s a few that work for me

Dress for success every day, never work in your PJ’s

Smarten up your office space

Set time aside to plan your day, week, month, marketing, accounting and administration

Write a to do list each night before closing the office

Automate as much as possible


The key to staying focused and disciplined comes from within you. Knowing why you are working in or on your business, in other words what gets you out of bed every day, to turn up and build the business you want, comes from your passion to make a difference. If you do not love what you are doing, how can stay focused!

Top Tips for Longevity

Love your space

Be true to your values

Reward yourself

Work from a diary and plan your time

Chuck down large projects

Automate, delegate, discipline and outsource it

Declutter and organise little and often

Do not underestimate your own self-care –Breathe!!!

Rethink what motivates you to get up every day and do this?

Focus on what you love and what will grow your business in the direction you want

Place a big fat sign in your office saying SHOW ME THE MONEY!!! Always a good one to motive you