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Meet Tanya Lewis.

Tanya Lewis

Tanya Lewis Keynote Speaker

Tanya is the owner of Eco Organiser® , is on a mission to prove that being organised won’t to cost the earth.

Motivational speaker, workshop facilitator, author of STUFF OFF! and professional eco organiser, Tanya Lewis helps you regain control over time and space. She draws her passion for creating time and space from real life experiences.

Participants are encouraged to think outside the square and learn that being organised won’t cost the earth.

Armed with practical ideas, tips and by following The 10R’s© participants are rewarded with the gift of time and space

Ambassador Garage Sale Trail 2015, 2016 & 2018

National Ambassador Garage Sale Trail 2017

National Spokesperson Mobile for a Meal 2018

Ambassador Planet Ark 2018

Tanya Lewis – Eco Organiser®
mobile: 0448 877 902
email: tanya@ecoorganiser.com.au

Choose one of these presentations, or we can tailor one for you:

Declutter for a Simpler Life without costing the Earth- 10R’s©

How would you feel if every room in your house was organised, making it easy to find things. “A place for everything and everything in its place” Room by room learn how to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle for a simpler life.

Happy Homes=Happy Families Supporting families affected by clutter, without costing the Earth- The 10R’s©

Life is too short to be looking for stuff. Why waste valuable time looking for things, robbing us of precious time with family, friends, children, adding layers of stress and costing us money. An Eco Organiser® home saves time, space, money and helps reduce our carbon footprint

Declutter to Reduce Food Waste and create the kitchen you want-The 10R’s©

How much money do you waste on food you buy and don’t eat? Are the pantry shelves groaning with food, but you still cannot find anything to eat? Learn how to declutter to save time, money and reduce food waste

Opt Out of the Vicious Clutter Cycle

Can your business survive under the weight of clutter? What stops you from getting off the vicious clutter cycle? Learn how to reduce clutter and grow your business without costing the earth