Spring clean

A Spring Fling- Just what the doctor ordered

Yes, a Spring Fling but not the type you are thinking!!

For those of us in the southern hemisphere we are starting to see the light at the end of a long cold winter. Clutter builds up in pockets around the home, the entrance area with umbrellas, coats and hats, kitchen with crock pots on the stove top and winter recipe books cluttering the bench tops and the bedroom with woolly jumpers and jackets in constant demand hanging on the backs of chairs. Feeling a little over winter, maybe suffering a little cabin fever, a spring fling does wonders to lift your spirits and kick the winter blues out the door.

Just what the doctor ordered, guaranteed to put a spring in your step without costing the earth.

5 minutes

Start by spending 5 minutes in each room and responsibly dispose of unwanted items such as recyclable. Don’t forget to look for any items to donate, give away or return to their rightful owner.

Keep it Clean

Place all winter woollies that need washing in the laundry to be washed. Always wash woollens before storing them; silverfish are attracted to unwashed garments. A few cakes of highly scented soap wrapped in a waxed paper amongst the garments also helps keep the moths and silverfish at bay.

Put it away!

The quickest and easiest way to organise any space is to put things away, spend 5 minutes and run around picking up and putting STUFF away. Yes; I said run, why not include a little exercise in your SPRING FLING, not too hot and bothered, but enough to get the blood pumping.

A Spring Fling

The change of season is the perfect time to sort, declutter and rotate our cupboards. Bring out what you need and want for spring and store last season’s STUFF away.

 Repurposed containers

Look around your home to see what can be repurposed and used as storage, instead of buying new; remember anything goes, and you may already have the perfect container. There is your first savings. At Eco Organiser® we regularly repurpose containers such as baking dishes, trunks, chests, trays,  baskets and bowls to come up with the right storage.

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