Sentimental vs clutter

How to stop sentimental stuff cluttering your life

Stuff cluttering our homes is not always clutter, what about the sentimental objects?

I love the idea of my mother attending country dances in outback western Queensland in the 1950’s, dressed in her hooped dresses, starched petticoats and long white gloves; rock n rolling around the town hall or shearing sheds. Swirling, twirling those soft layers of fabric and petti coats.  And like so many young girls I would play dress ups in her dresses complete with her long white gloves.

The dresses are long gone but the gloves are still here. Even as a Professional Organiser I have things around me, they are things that I love, things that I may not use every day or ever again, but they are special to me.

Those gloves used to clutter the bottom of my sock drawer, now they are framed and hang on my wall, yes they are sentimental to me and I truly enjoy them, in other words they are no longer cluttering the bottom of my sock drawer, they have been acknowledged and respected.

It can be a struggle to accommodate the special things, the trinkets, objects collected or gifts from someone special. They often symbolise a part of ourselves, our life, both past and present, for a happy or happier times. Holding onto things that do not add value to our lives, does not lead to more time and space to do the things you want, they have the opposite effect; they rob us of time, space, money and energy.

When stuff stops us from functioning in our own four walls, causing stress and anxiety, it’s time to rethink the importance of this stuff.

How to stop the sentimental stuff cluttering your life

Let’s talk collections

  1. Sort collections like with like, this helps you determine how many you have, also if you have duplicates.
  2. From the duplicates choose one you favour the most to keep. Look out for damage, stains, wear and tear. Unless aging and natural patina of the item adds extreme value to the item it’s time to let go and responsibly dispose of these items. We don’t want you throwing out a Ming vase!
  3. Reorganise and return your true treasures to their correct home.
  4. Set limits- Should you find it difficult to set limits, my No 1 tip is to ask yourself why you are decluttering and what difference will it make to your life? Remember our homes don’t come with elastic side walls,  and outsourcing the problem by paying storage fees only adds to our cost of living, for this reason it is critical you set limits on how many you keep. Instead reward yourself by having the things around that make you feel great.

The 10R’s™ Rethink-Responsible-Refuse-Repurpose-Reorganise-Repair-Reduce-Reuse-Recycle-Reward