Families function in many different ways, more and more functioning as blended families. With children moving between households for some it can be a challenge to make everyone feel at home.

As I always say our homes do not come in elastic sides, the walls and cupboards will not stretch and expand. And when they are full or STUFFED they become uncomfortable to live in, function and entertain in.

Let’s face it not everyone can simply pack up and move to a bigger home when numbers and circumstances change or there is a new addition to the family. Frankly moving house is the last thing I would suggest.

Not Quite the Brady Bunch

I recently had the pleasure of meeting and working with Carly and David, struggling to create space for their growing blended family. Although not quite the Brady Bunch, between them have 3 children and a bub on the way.

Carly and David’s no 1. goal was to create a space where all their children wanted to be, a space they could relax and felt  like “home”. Plus the space and systems had to be flexible and easy to pack and move when it was time for the children to move to their other home. It was time to seriously rethink and declutter.

The first step was to work out what was their clutter, once we know what our clutter is; it is so much easier to let it go.

Clutter is

  • Anything that is no longer relevant in your life
  • Anything that limits your ability to grow as a person/ family.
  • Clutter stops us from living the life we want

Family Discussion

With clutter gone, space was still an issue, and for some people the decision on what to let go is a tough decision, but after talking it through Carly and David where still clearly on the same path. Their priority was to remove anything that would not enhance or benefit their new life together and create the “home” they wanted for their blended family.

When it comes down to letting go of more stuff, there are three questions

  1. Do I need it?
  2. Do I want it?
  3. Does it add value to our/my life?

 “As I get heavier into my pregnancy it’s become harder, but we set the goal of doing it all before bubs comes.

Just cleaned out both the shed and garage and organised all the stuff, threw out even more and found a space for the kid’s outdoor toys. Now our yard is less of a mess and after a tip run we may actually be able to park my car the garage” says Carly

Russian Dolls

Just like a Russian doll, there is no wasted space, everything fits within each other. Once the clutter is removed we get down to organising and creating logical homes for what we need and want. The key to your success

  • Sort and organise one drawer or shelf at a time
  • Do not multi task
  • Start small and finish before moving onto your next year

“The best decision we ever made, I’ve been meaning to write for a while now, but got busy bringing our little princess into the world.

Tanya, David and I would love to thank you whole heartedly for your services. Getting you to come to our home to guide us through de-cluttering and rearranging was the best decision we ever made.

Trying to ‘blend’ a family into a tiny home like ours was tough, but you gave us so many ideas, tools and suggestions to make life far simpler than we had been living.

De-cluttering and ‘letting go’ gets easier the more you do it and you’ll be proud to know we’ve kept it up. We had a garage sale and are now doing a few tip runs too. We called the Salvos and donated anything left from the garage sale.

Feeling much more confident; we still have a long way to go, but we can move at our own pace and are looking forward to fixing up the house down the track too.

Thank you so much.

Carly & David. ∼ Melbourne

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