One aspect to creating a sustainable home is how we furnish and style our home, by we reusing what we have we save money, when we repurpose things we extend their life of them and when we repair our beloved pieces we are rewarded not only with a home that reflects our personality and needs, we create a unique home that does not cost the earth.

As reported in the ABC’s War on Waste up to 85% of kerbside furniture won’t be recycled, with the vast majority heading straight to landfill (War on Waste – the Battle Continues, ABC, episode 2) with the majority of kerbside furniture being “fast furniture”.

The term “fast furniture” is commonly used to describe low cost, mass produced and poorly made furniture, ultimately resulting in a piece that has a short life cycle. Many products that fall into the category of “fast furniture” are made with engineered timbers which require off gassing from adhesives and chemicals used the in the engineering process and when exposed to moisture engineered timbers swell and rot.

Quality, seasoned and crafted pieces offer a sustainable solution that last for years and with care for centuries. Pre loved, retro, vintage, antique and rustic furniture, furniture made sometimes 50,100 to 150 years ago not only makes financial but environmental sense.

Often considered “old fashioned” we have asked our self-confessed lovers of old furniture, Megan and Sally from Limewash Vintage to share some of their tips on how to style with pre loved furniture and accessories.

  1. Choose a piece you love and simply can’t do without.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t know straightway where it will go – it will find its place in your home.

  1. Repurpose

Don’t be afraid to repurpose antique furniture for uses other than what it was originally intended, Example: Small Victorian chests of drawers work in a living space for storage and display and are equally great as bedsides.

Old timber theatre seats make fabulous seating around an outdoor table.

“I have a set of timber pigeon holes rescued from the workshop on the station where I grew up. It was originally used to store parts for all sorts of bits, old truck parts, spares for windmills and pumps.

It still bears the part names on the front of the little drawers and now takes pride of place in my kitchen. Whenever visitors drop by, this piece always draws interest and I love telling the story behind it,” says Megan.

  1. Mix & Match

Mixing new and old into a modern décor is certainly on trend, imagine your modern lounge with an unique antique cedar shipping trunk as a coffee table or a light and airy modern space with a French Provincial elm serving table as a console, the light coloured timber and simple lines work well giving a clutter free feel to any home.

  1. Less is more

When it comes to styling with antiques the trick really is “less is more”. With their natural charm, textures, warmth and character, styling antiques is easy. They don’t need much to make them look fantastic, just add a few pieces to complement.

A great big jug of oak leaf or other foliage on its own is simple and beautiful.

Stacks of books, photographs and favourite ceramic pieces all work well.

  1. Function

Apartment living is not always conducive to large pieces, the beauty with antiques is the flexibility they can offer. Where do you think todays designers developed their ideas?

When cruising the antique and second hand markets look for pieces that offer what you need- fold away, light weight yet durable.


                                                                     Timber fold away chairs circa 1950’s

  1. Restyle

Don’t be put off by the worn upholstery or out dated colours, be brave and restyle a piece to suit your personality and fit within your décor. For simple repairs check out your local Repair Café and bring these pieces back to life.


Once these chairs where covered with red vinyl upholstery, this mid-century dining suite now sits comfortably within this contemporary mudbrick house.

  1. Timeless

The beauty of timeless classics is their ability to move effortlessly between rooms and homes as our needs and tastes in decor change.


Same chair moves gracefully between two decors.

Want to own these timeless pieces? Email us to find out more

Chasing the latest trends is tiring and expensive, investing in classic pieces saves time, energy, money and reduces waste to landfill.

“I think it is simply about adding pieces you love.”

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