Ever heard of a Sustainable Salon? I had never heard of one until a new salon Red Hill Hair Studio on the Mornington Peninsula opened its doors. I was drawn by a sticker on the window advertising a recycling system, being an Eco Organiser® I just had to know more, so I popped in and had a chat.

I was soon to  discover there are many salons under the Sustainable Salon banner in Australia and New Zealand, recycling chemicals, hair, metals, paper, plastics, razors, tools and more.

After a quick conversation with Toni she explained the recycling program and innovative ways Sustainable Salons recycles, I was hooked.”

  • Rescue rate of up to 95% of the salon resources from landfill and finding repurposing solutions that benefit our planet all while supporting the community.

Repurpose Waste

Waste to Food

All proceeds from repurposing salon materials are donated to OzHarvest and KiwiHarvest to distribute meals for those in need, providing more than 2,000 meals every month!

Community Events

The network of salon professionals volunteers their time and skills at community events for those who don’t have the means to access basic services for themselves.

With the impact of climate change upon us, there is not time to waste, with children striking on the streets we know there is a need and desire to rethink our behaviors, this does not mean we give up our day jobs all become raging hippies and live on a commune, it is through small changes such as choosing a sustainable business over a business not concerned about the state of our planet that we can make a difference to the planet we call home.

The fact that Red Hill Hair Studios is a Sustainable Salon isn’t the only thing that keeps me going back, “Toni is down to earth, always greets with a big smile and my hair looks fantastic each and every time. There’s nothing better than sustainability with a smile!”

Eco Organiser®

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