Love or dislike travel, travelling in an organised, mindful fashion helps reduce our carbon footprint. Every flight we take for work or play produces carbon, as a travel buff I am conscious of this and always tick the carbon offset box when booking flights. Do you?

Take one round-trip flight between New York and California, and you’ve generated about 20 percent of the greenhouse gases that your car emits over an entire year.

When you buy carbon offsets, you pay to take planet-warming carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere in exchange for the greenhouse gases you put in. For example, you can put money toward replanting trees, which absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Source: Flying Is Bad for the Planet. You Can Help Make It Better.

Having recently traveled to Singapore, Europe, UK, QLD and NSW sharing The 10R’s© a Facebook follower asked if I had a packing list, a shortcut to save time and not be lumbered with a big suitcase….absolutely!


Meeting the team at Zero Waste Scotland


Traveling for work or play it’s imperative to pack wisely, I chose the “mix and match” with the “if I need extra layer there’s always a second hand clothing shop nearby to pick up what I need”.


Found a great second hand clothing shop in Edinburgh

What to Pack 

Depending on your reason to travel and the length of travel and climatic conditions will determine what goes in the suitcase. With temperatures varying between 10 deg to 33 deg, plus traveling to work and play the clothes selection had a broad base to cover

Ladies I will let you in a secret, I am a big fan of scarves, they help change the look and feel on your outfit.

It’s been many years since I backpacked with a 12 kg backpack including sleeping mat and big first aid kit, now I allow myself a few luxuries but still use a lot of the backpacking techniques and tips.

Packing List- Singapore, Italy and UK April 2019

Long pants- Cool climate2
Long pants- Warm climate1
Woolen jumpers/pullover2
Warm, wet weather jacket1
Cardigan (purchased in Scotland)1
Wrap/Silk Scarves3
Accessories- jewelry, hats, gloves, belt4
Socks, underwear, bras, thermals3 each
Light weight shoes- for travel and warm weather1
Reusable cup, water bottle, bowl, plastic knife, fork, spoon, clothes line, cloth bag, shopping bag1 each
Assorted cords and adapters1
Day pack1


Pack like with like in labeled bags and you are sorted!


Rethink traveling with shampoo or conditioner, most accommodation offer free cosmetics, likewise rethink the hair dryer, is it worth carrying.

If you prefer to use your own toiletries look for small plastic bottles with a good seal and decant small amounts, repurpose plastic vitamin bottles work well.

Fluids add a lot of weight to your luggage and with international travel restricting us to of 100 ml per bottles of liquid, look out for miniature bottles and tubes, this helps cut down on weight and remember if you run out you can always buy more.

Sanitary products and Condoms

Sanitary products and condoms may be difficult to find in some countries so ensure you have a stash.


This can be expensive in some countries so check before you leave.


Carrying copies of all prescription (including optical) and a letter from your doctor can eliminate any health scares or nightmares. Be mindful of your medications in some countries, what maybe legal at home could be illegal in another, resulting in an unpleasant end to your holiday.

Consider the country you are traveling and ensure you have all vaccinations and treatments for bites, cuts and abrasions.

I always travel with a first aid kit, a good supply of things for diarrhea and dehydration. Nothing worse than traveling on your own and you are hit with a dose of the runs; having these on hand help you get up, get out of bed and off to seek professional help.


When I started traveling our guide book was the essential item, no mobile phones or internet cafes, yes the dark ages!

With devices come chargers, cords, ear buds, bags and international adapters. Traveling for work you may require a laptop to keep up with blogs, emails and download photos or write the occasional keynote!

If digital connection is not your thing maybe it’s a travel journey, book, pens or sketching equipment to capture the view.

Bon voyage

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