50 Things We Should Never Take for Granted

With Covid-19 dominating our world there are many things we should not take for granted. Being forced into lock-down or self-isolation takes its toll on our well-being, with many people are being drawn to buy more STUFF, to fill a void that freedom to move around offers us. In this time of self isolation why not take this opportunity to spend time (not money) and rethink things we should never take for granted.

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Ten top tips to eco organise your home & feel secure through Covid-19

Covid-19 is impacting us all, staying at home is the best way to avoid the virus, save lives and feel secure. Worried about how your will function in clutter? Self-isolation is your opportunity  eco organise your home and rethink stuff that stops you from living well.


  • Shelves filled with recipes you never cook
  • Filing cabinets filled with paper
  • Excuses “I don’t have time to declutter and organise”
  • Magazines cluttering the coffee table and never read
  • Rethink important things such as health, happiness, home and friendship

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