Xmas declutter workshop

How to Ethically Declutter in Time for Christmas- The 10R’s

How do you feel when you hear Christmas carols playing in the stores already?

Do you kick up your heals and skip around the store filling your basket with stuff?

Or do you stick you head in a hole and try to forget about all the items that are about to invade your home?

A recent survey found that the average Australian family spent $963 per year on gifts. What is really scary, is that $620 worth of these gifts were considered “unwanted”, in other words clutter!

If you are look to declutter your home then this is the perfect workshop for you! Join our fun, interactive session and learn: Continue reading

Workshop to declutter your life

Declutter and Simplify Life-The 10R’s

Ecologically-aware organiser and author Tanya Lewis returns to Moonee Ponds to challenges us to rethink consumption, turn chaos into opportunities and free ourselves from the vicious clutter cycle to regain control over our time and space.

Free yourself from the clutter cycle

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Tanya Lewis is on a mission to prove that being organised needn’t cost the earth. Her approach and practical tips will help you discover the things you really need, and want – and make it easier for you to find them in your home.

Tanya’s emphasis is on regaining control over our time and space by using mindful and ethical consumption. Before we buy anything, she challenges us to think about the following questions: do I really need it? Will I use it? When I’m finished with it, how can I dispose of it?

Reminding us of the link between overconsumption and clutter, Tanya’s workshops are based on a series of practical, helpful principles to help us live a richer, happier life.


  • How to identify clutter
  • How to ethically declutter
  • How to think and act local
  • How to turn clutter into opportunities

and start living the life you want, without costing the earth.

More about Tanya Lewis…

Motivational speaker, author and workshop leader, Tanya Lewis helps us regain control over our time and space in an eco-friendly way, as an ecologically-aware organiser

Tanya has helped over 6000+ people organise their living and work spaces and diverted an estimated 33,000kg unwanted items from landfill.  Author of Stuff Off, Tanya regularly contributes to national TV and ABC 774 radio and has been a spokesperson for numerous organisations, including Ambassador Planet Ark, Mobile Muster, Mobile For A Meal, was Ambassador for Garage Sale Trail 2018 and presented at the Sydney Opera House Antidote festival of ideas.

ReStore Clutter

Help Stop the Poverty Cycle- Turn Clutter into Opportunities

Clutter robs us of time, space and energy, so why not turn our clutter into opportunities. The association between Eco Organiser® and ReStore Habitat for Humanity goes back some eight years, promoting them as a place to donate quality items and shop, to the 6000+ that have attended or by donating a $1 from the sale of our book STUFF OFF.

After such a long association it was time to catch up with the Russell Croxford, ReStore Manager of Habitat for Humanity Victoria.

I started by asking what drives his team to do what they do and the benefits to society and our planet? Continue reading

How to declutter

How a ruthless declutter changed my life


Tanya your words come to me at the perfect time. I appreciate what you had shared in our on line coaching sessions.

Keep powering on in helping people get their power back!

 All the best~Sue ~ Bendigo

I have to thank you from Sue  for sharing her experience while decluttering her home. Continue reading