Am I a hoarder?

People are often quick to declare themselves as a hoarder when in may be a case of collections may get out of hand or life throws us a curve ball and things get a little disorganised.

To answer your question “Am I a hoarder?” Eco Organiser® decided to ask Australia’s leading expert in this field, co-owners of Hoarding Home Solutions Wendy Hanes and Angela Esnouf. Continue reading

present your home for sale

How to present your home for sale on a budget

Decluttering and home styling go hand in hand when it comes to presenting your home for sale. Generally, our homes are our biggest investment and when it comes to selling, we really want it to stand out from the competition.

Rather than going to the expense of hiring furniture and the inconvenience of moving all your furniture out, then bringing in the hire furniture, worrying about your walls and doorways.

Then the worry of the hire furniture with the kids, cats and dogs until your house is sold. A cost effective and easy way to present your home for sale is to utilise what you have, by doing this you can save literally $1000’s of dollars and a lot less stress. Continue reading

Gift of Time

Rethink the Christmas experience and reduce waste

With only 4 weeks to Christmas the stores are spruiking  and their shelves are heaving with decorations and gifts for sale, in other words they are saying – Buy Now! Consume! Don’t miss out!

But do we really need to ramp up our consumption of ‘stuff’ just because it’s Christmas?  Let’s just take a step back from that traditional Christmas gift list and rethink. Continue reading