cluttered homes

Cluttered Home Cluttered Head

We choose to bring things into our lives and homes to make us feel loved, secure, attractive, healthy, wealthy and wise. But how much of this stuff truly makes us feel loved and secure?

Ask yourself

  • Is it living up to my expectations?
  • Is it delivering my hopes and dreams or is taking control of my time and space?

Decluttering creates a sense of confidence and self-efficacy (seeing yourself as competent). Source: Psychology Today

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Rethink the stuff

The STUFF we should never take for granted

I know we all get caught up in the STUFF! of living in the fast lane and rarely stop to rethink what is important, life gets busier and we tend to take things for granted.

After a hurdles in my own life it was time to reflect and rethink. Sixty days ago I started my gratitude journal, it was time to slow down and reflect on each day rather than rush through it, not taking the time to acknowledge the good and sometimes bad things that happened in my day. I can honestly say the effect has on me is quiet amazing.

Simply stopping to give thanks for the simple things puts all that other STUFF in perspective, so many of the “big things” just don’t mean that much anymore.

I am going to share with you 20 things I have been grateful and should never take for granted. Continue reading