Top tips to declutter christmas

7 Top Tips to Ethically Declutter and get back your Christmas Mojo

How do you feel when you hear Christmas carols playing in the stores already? Do you kick up your heals and skip around the store filling your basket with stuff? Or do you stick you head in a hole and try to forget about the stuff that is about to invade in your home?

In a recent survey they found that the average Australian family spent $963 per year on gifts, what is really scary, $620 worth of the gifts was considered “unwanted” other words CLUTTER!

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Rid your life of clutter in 10 questions

10 simple questions to rid your life of clutter

It only takes 10 simple questions to rid your life of clutter, but sometimes it is hard to admit that clutter is ruling our lives or it’s impossible see life beyond clutter.

There comes a point when we say enough is enough, I am tired of wasting my valuable time searching for stuff, moving piles around but never actually removing the clutter from our homes and lives.

Time to fess up and answer 10 simple questions will help to see life beyond the clutter and rid your life of unwanted and unnecessary STUFF!

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