Workshop to declutter your life

Mill Park- Declutter and Simplify your life workshop- The 10R’s™

Mill Park- Our popular declutter and Eco Organiser® workshops are popping up everywhere.

Declutter and Simplify your Life workshop, without costing the earth is coming your way on the 7th June.

Life is too short to be looking for stuff, why not get sorted and eco organised?

Did you know the Top 3 New Year’s Resolutions are?

  1. Get Fit
  2. Lose Weight
  3. Get Organised

Tanya Lewis is a professional Eco Organiser® with an uncomplicated philosophy, borrowed from Gandhi.

“Living simply, so others can simply live”

And she is on a mission to divert waste from landfill and turn clutter into opportunities. Eco Organiser® blends traditional organising aims of creating order in our time and space, with an absolute passion for closing the loop.

From the bush to the boardrooms of Australia her educational tool The 10R’s™has been taught to over 5000+ people. Sharing her knowledge and expertise on how to declutter and simplify life, without costing the earth.

Founder of Eco Organiser® author of STUFF OFF! Suffocated by clutter? Practical tips that won’t cost the earth to rid your life of clutter, Sustainable Interior Designer, Organising Coach, blogger and visionary believes that being organised won’t cost the earth.


  • How to identify your clutter
  • How to honour and respect your treasures
  • How to declutter
  • How to eco organise your space without costing the earth
  • How to save money
  • How to save energy
  • How to let go

And have a lot of fun and laughs to rid your life of clutter, without costing the earth

The 10R’s™Rethink Responsible Refuse Repurpose Repair Reorganise Reduce Reuse Recycle Reward

Celebrate a Sustainable Mothers Day

How to Celebrate Mothers Day in a Sustainable Fashion

Looking for ways to celebrate Mothers Day in a sustainable fashion, without adding clutter?  Let’s face it; we are enticed to purchase more stuff, but how many fluffy slippers, dressing gowns, new toasters and frying pans to make the perfect scrambled eggs does she really need? Do we really need to ramp up our consumption of ‘stuff’ just because it’s Mothers Day, to let her know that we love her? Let’s take a step back from that traditional Mothers Day gift list and rethink.

Put simply, if we have concerns about reducing clutter in our homes and reducing our carbon footprint and the impact of belongings on environment, perhaps our gifts could do with a change of philosophy. Continue reading

Declutter webinar

Declutter and Simplify Life -Webinar Part 1


Do you crave freedom from clutter and want to simplify life?

You asked for it and we are delivering on our promise to help you rid your life of clutter, join us on Thursday, March 29, 2018 from 7:00 PM – 7:40 PM

For Part 1 of our new 19 Part Series  Declutter and Simplify Life webinar. Continue reading

bathroom clutter

Time Savers vs Time Wasters How to identify clutter from time savers in your bathroom

In our busy lives, who has time to waste looking for things? When we need to be heading out the door in the morning, we need an organised bathroom to shave, shower and get sorted.

Standing in your bathroom look around and list 5 things that save you valuable time



3. Continue reading

Scared of living your dreams?

Scared of Living Your Dreams? Five top tips to let go of the clutter and start living your dreams

Too often we don’t live our dreams, reasons vary from lack of time, money, energy or we are scared to step outside our comfort zone; and worry what others might think or say.

On my recent trip to Europe I fulfilled so many of my life’s visions, and in some instances, I stepped well and truly outside my comfort zone. The pleasure for me was removing doubt, fear and anxiety each and every time I conquered things, that in the past had stopped me from living my dreams.

Our clutter is not always physical stuff

We have a knack of building walls around us to keep out the scary stuff, holding in the self-doubt, self-loathing and sadly we are missing out of some the really good stuff.

While traveling through the UK, France and Switzerland it was a joy to witness so many people living their dreams. There was one in particular occasion that touch my heart, it was on the day I Continue reading

Stop Christmas Clutter

Rethink Christmas- Reduce, reuse, recycle and reward ourselves

Christmas can be stressful enough with more stuff cluttering our homes, when we rethink Christmas and we can reduce stress, waste and help our planet

As Eco Organiser® writes this blog, stores are spruiking it’s less than 3 weeks to Christmas, their shelves are heaving with decorations and gifts for sale.

In other words they are saying – Buy Now! Consume! Don’t miss out!

But do we really need to ramp up our consumption of ‘stuff’ just because it’s Christmas?  Let’s just take a step back from that traditional Christmas gift list and rethink. Continue reading

Stop Clutter

How to stop that vicious clutter cycle

How to stop that vicious clutter cycle

We declutter to simplify life, although how do we stop the vicious clutter cycle?  That’s stuff that slips in unnoticed, it comes in out of habit, routine, automated or our inability to say no thank you. Feeding the clutter cycle is the way we shop on impulse, for entertainment, social outlet or to fulfill a need.

What is the vicious clutter cycle?

The common pathway from purchase is Continue reading

Eco Friendly Fashion

Baby Steps with a Fashionable Footprint

Fashionable Footprint
With our growing passion for fashion so to does our growing carbon footprint, leaving a mess for the next generation to clean up.

With the global apparel market valued at 3 trillion dollars and accounts for 2 percent of the world’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) we are not talking about loose change. Source Fashion United

Australians are the world’s second largest consumers of textiles, buying an average of 27 kilograms of new clothing and other textiles each year. With more than 500,000 tonnes of textiles and leather end up in landfill each year.

Continue reading

Stuff the kids don't want

From latch key kids to Allan key kids, they don’t want your STUFF!

7 top tips on how to get over the fact that the kids do not want your stuff

The baby boomers and Gen X’ers started out as latch key kids, letting themselves into the house after school, making decisions and choices from a young age. One of the most common statements I hear at my workshops is “The kids don’t want my stuff”

Let’s be honest here, why should they want your stuff, it is not embedded in their DNA that they are going to follow the same fashions as you do. I know that may seem tough, but it is true. Personally, I love the pieces from my family, they carry stories which fill in the blanks or give me a greater appreciate for how they worked hard to make or purchase these things.

The Vicious Clutter Cycle Continue reading

De clutter and live life

Niddrie Declutter Workshop

Happy Homes= Happy Families Declutter and simplify life- The 10R’s™

Do you have and happy home, or do you waste time to looking for your things,which rob you of precious time with your family?

How much time do you waste looking for the keys, phone, purse just to get out the door on time?
Does the car live on the street because there is no room in the garage, simply because there is too much STUFF
Do you struggle to pay bills on time, because you are drowning in a sea of paper?
Do you struggle to find family time or a little ME time or are you always busy doing STUFF?

Imagine a life without the clutter

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There is less housework
Things have a “home” making it easy to find when you want them
Your bills are paid on time saving you money because you have a system of dealing with them
Finally there is more time to do the things you want and be with the people you love.

Join our fun, interactive workshop and learn

How to identify your clutter
How easy it is to de clutter
How to eco organise
How to refuse clutter
How to identify treasures
How to let go of clutter
How to sort, organise every room in your house, without costing the Earth
How to reduce clutter and divert waste from landfill
How to maintain a clutter free space so you can live the life you want
You will leave with a better understanding of what your clutter is, and how to responsibly dispose of unwanted stuff
Come along and discover how easy it is to reduce, reuse, recycle and reward yourself with a simpler life
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Tanya Lewis Professional Eco Organiser®, Keynote Speakers, Author of STUFF OFF! Organising Coach, Blogger, Interior Designer and visionary believes that being organised won’t cost the earth

Join us for this fun workshop to help your declutter and simplify life without costing the Earth. Pre Order your signed copy of STUFF OFF! click here

Because life really is too short to be looking for STUFF!

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