Ten top tips to eco organise your home & feel secure through Covid-19

Covid-19 is impacting us all, staying at home is the best way to avoid the virus, save lives and feel secure. Worried about how your will function in clutter? Self-isolation is your opportunity  eco organise your home and rethink stuff that stops you from living well.


  • Shelves filled with recipes you never cook
  • Filing cabinets filled with paper
  • Excuses “I don’t have time to declutter and organise”
  • Magazines cluttering the coffee table and never read
  • Rethink important things such as health, happiness, home and friendship

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How to work from home in a sustainable manner

Work from home in a sustainable manner

With Covid-19 impacting us all, working from home is becoming the norm for many. There are a few things to consider when setting a sustainable working environment.

In the early 1990’s I was offered the opportunity to work from home, slightly after the “brick” mobile phone and in the middle of dial up internet, the offer to work from home sounded wonderful. With the installation of a second phone line and a phone, fax machine purchased I was on my way. Continue reading


No. 5 Reorganise


If I reorganise my home, workplace and habits will it save time and help me live a more sustainable life?

Reorganising a space so it functions and flows more efficiently reduces the chances of buying duplicates. Reorganising items like with like or consolidating items enables us to see what we have, one item stored in several locations leads to over purchasing and waste time.

From the stationary cupboard to the kitchen sink and the sock drawer everything takes energy to produce, when we misplace items due to disorder and clutter we have a tendency to buy more the same, adding financial stress and increasing our carbon footprint.

Habitual Clutter

That’s stuff that slips in unnoticed, it comes in out of habit, routine, automated, unconsciously or our inability to say no thank you.

Also feeding the habitual clutter is the way we shop on impulse, for entertainment, social outlet or to fulfil a need.

Reorganising our habits such as rethinking the amount of food we buy when the kids have left home, switching off reminders from online retailers of upcoming sales help to reduce clutter.

And how often do we unconsciously we grab a tissue or two before heading out the door, stuff a few in our back pocket, handbag, kids school bag for that just in case moment.

Considering it take’s 2.2 litres of water to make 1 tissue, maybe it’s time to reorganise the sock drawer and use those hankies Nanna gave you for Christmas. Mother Nature is on the Nose

I just need more space and I will be organised

As a Professional Eco Organiser, I would love $1 for everyone that said “I just need more space and I will be organised”

Building bigger homes or moving to larger office space to accommodate things you don’t use or need does not make for a sustainable future. Likewise, paying for offsite storage is not the miracle cure, more like out of sight out of mind.

It’s something to think about.

present your home for sale

How to present your home for sale on a budget

Decluttering and home styling go hand in hand when it comes to presenting your home for sale. Generally, our homes are our biggest investment and when it comes to selling, we really want it to stand out from the competition.

Rather than going to the expense of hiring furniture and the inconvenience of moving all your furniture out, then bringing in the hire furniture, worrying about your walls and doorways.

Then the worry of the hire furniture with the kids, cats and dogs until your house is sold. A cost effective and easy way to present your home for sale is to utilise what you have, by doing this you can save literally $1000’s of dollars and a lot less stress. Continue reading

Eco friendly home

An eco organised life with Tanya Lewis

A sneak peak into an eco organised home and life.

Long time friend and fellow professional organiser Tanya Lea of Declutterhome, finally persuaded founder of Eco Organiser Tanya Lewis to open the door to her  home and life and share her story and tell us a little about The 10R’s©.

Full story : An eco organised life with Tanya Lewis


  1. Rethink

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How to de clutter

How to Declutter in 5 Simple Steps

If it has taken ten years to accumulate the clutter, do not expect to sort and declutter in one afternoon. You can certainly hire a skip bin and throw everything out, but that is not decluttering. Too many times we see treasurers being throw away, causing real pain and stress.

Here are a few simple tips

  • Don’t try to tackle everything at once.
  • Work one area at a TIME.
  • Complete a section before moving onto the next project.

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