How to declutter

Dandenong- How to ethically declutter in time for Christmas The 10R’s

Dandenong, how do you feel when you hear Christmas carols playing in the stores already? Do you kick up your heals and skip around the store filling your basket with stuff? Or do you stick you head in a hole and try to forget about the stuff that is about to invade in your home?

In a recent survey they found that the average Australian family spent $963 per year on gifts, what is really scary, $620 worth of the gifts was considered “unwanted” other words CLUTTER!

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How to fold a fitted sheet

How to master the art of folding a fitted sheet

Do you struggle to fold a fitted sheet?
Well it is about time we blow that myth out of the water, no more feeling like you have wrestled an octopus or done ten rounds trying to get a beach sunshade back in the original bag- there is no way!

After a little practice you will be able to fold a fitted sheet while chatting to friends, walking around the house or standing still and enjoying the fact you have mastered the art of folding a fitted sheet.

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cluttered homes

Cluttered Home Cluttered Head

We choose to bring things into our lives and homes to make us feel loved, secure, attractive, healthy, wealthy and wise. But how much of this stuff truly makes us feel loved and secure?

Ask yourself

  • Is it living up to my expectations?
  • Is it delivering my hopes and dreams or is taking control of my time and space?

Decluttering creates a sense of confidence and self-efficacy (seeing yourself as competent). Source: Psychology Today

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Blending families

The success story how two families blended into one

Families function in many different ways, more and more functioning as blended families. With children moving between households for some it can be a challenge to make everyone feel at home.

As I always say our homes do not come in elastic sides, the walls and cupboards will not stretch and expand. And when they are full or STUFFED they become uncomfortable to live in, function and entertain in.

Let’s face it not everyone can simply pack up and move to a bigger home when numbers and circumstances change or there is a new addition to the family. Frankly moving house is the last thing I would suggest.

Not Quite the Brady Bunch

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How to organise your bed

How to organise a gorgeous bed without costing the earth


After a busy day our beds should be a haven to retreat to unwind and disconnect from the busy lives we lead. Having a bed that is welcoming instead of covered with clothes, bedside table covered in stuff, does not say “haven” more likely it says ” oh more clutter” “more unfinished projects”

A gorgeous bed in not difficult to organise and it does not require buying anything, it’s a matter of removing clutter, rethinking your space and working with mother nature and soothe our worries and help us drift off for a restful night sleep.

Here are five easy steps to help you create a gorgeous bed.

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