Declutter coming event soon

Melbourne Declutter Event Coming Soon

Melbourne declutter event coming your way soon.

Life is too short to be looking for stuff, why not start 2018 sorted and organised.

It’s all under wraps but you will be the first to know, so watch this space. Our popular DECLUTTER -Eco Organiser® workshops are popping up everywhere.

We are still finalising details, as soon as we are organised we will share the where and how to book your ticket.

Did you know the Top 3 New Year’s Resolutions are?

  1. Get Fit
  2. Lose Weight
  3. Get Organised

Tanya Lewis is a professional Eco Organiser® with an uncomplicated philosophy, borrowed from Gandhi.

“Living simply, so others can simply live”

And she is on a mission to divert waste from landfill and turn clutter into opportunities. Eco Organiser® blends traditional organising aims of creating order in our time and space, with an absolute passion for closing the loop.

From the bush to the boardrooms of Australia her educational tool The 10R’s™has been taught to over 5000+ people. Sharing her knowledge and expertise on how to declutter and simplify life, without costing the earth.

Founder of Eco Organiser® author of STUFF OFF! Suffocated by clutter? Practical tips that won’t cost the earth to rid your life of clutter, Sustainable Interior Designer, Organising Coach, blogger and visionary believes that being organised won’t cost the earth.


  • How to identify your clutter
  • How to honour and respect your treasures
  • How to declutter
  • How to eco organise your space without costing the earth
  • How to save money
  • How to save energy
  • How to let go

And have a lot of fun and laughs to rid your life of clutter, without costing the earth

The 10R’s™Rethink Responsible Refuse Repurpose Repair Reduce Reuse Recycle Reward

Reduce waste and your carbon footprint

How to reduce your recycling carbon footprint

The waste we generate is no longer considered rubbish or trash to be throw into landfill; and rightly so. A great number of nations including the USA, UK and Australia cannot keep up with volume of their waste, so what do you do; we ship to places like China and 3rd world countries to deal with our problem.

China has recently informed the world

“By the end of 2017, imports of mixed paper, scrap plastics, including PVC, PET, polyethylene and polystyrene, basically a lot of packaging material, will be banned from entering China. Industry bodies have called the measure “devastating”. Source:-Raconteur

On a recent research trip to the UK I heard lots of talk around reduce, reuse and recycling. One major supermarket; Iceland is vowing to eliminate plastic on all own-branded products and Prime Minster Theresa May pledging to eliminate all avoidable plastic waste within 25 years as part of the government’s environmental strategy.

All positive but how can we make our waste a valuable commodity? Continue reading

Wasteful clutter

Refuse Disposable Stuff

One way to stop clutter and disposable stuff entering our lives is to refuse it access. We have been sold this idea that everything needs to be convenient, to be on hand when ever we want STUFF.

Sadly; disposable and convenience has become a huge inconvenience to our environment, putting great stress on our water ways, soils not to mention our recycling systems.

Have we taken disposal and throw away to the extreme where we treat our planet as disposable, not worthy of respect?

I truly hope we have not, make 2018 the year of refusing disposable clutter

Continue reading

Malahang Community Festival ~ Heidelberg West

POP UP up at Malahang Community Festival in Heidelberg West, talking all things waste, decluttering and much more.

Sunday 19 November 2017, 10am – 4pm

Malahang Community Festival is a free and family-friendly event celebrating your local community. It’s a safe, fun and exciting day for the whole family with music, games, competitions, stalls, food and information. Join thousands of others who come to celebrate a day long festival, accessible to people from all walks of life.

Malahang Community Festival is a fantastic opportunity for local artists, community groups, traders and other organisations to be seen and heard as well as meet and interact with the local community.

Bring along a picnic or grab a sausage for a gold coin from the Community BBQ and sit back and enjoy the entertainment or get involved in some of the awesome activities.

It will be huge 3000- 5000 people!


Join our FREE POP UP! declutter workshop “Stuff that costs the earth”

3 x 20 minute presentations doing speed decluttering.

Session times

  • 12.30pm
  • 1.30pm
  • 2.30pm


  • What is my clutter?
  • What does clutter cost the planet?
  • How to declutter
  • Rethink STUFF
  • Responsible disposal


Tanya Lewis Professional Eco Organiser®, Keynote Speakers, Author of STUFF OFF! Organising Coach, Blogger, Interior Designer and visionary believes that being organised won’t cost the earth

Join us for this fun workshop to help your declutter and simplify life without costing the Earth.

Because life really is too short to be looking for STUFF!

The 10’s™ Rethink-Responsible-Refuse-Repurpose-Reorganise-Repair-Reduce-Reuse-Recycle-Reward

Eco Friendly Fashion

Baby Steps with a Fashionable Footprint

Fashionable Footprint
With our growing passion for fashion so to does our growing carbon footprint, leaving a mess for the next generation to clean up.

With the global apparel market valued at 3 trillion dollars and accounts for 2 percent of the world’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) we are not talking about loose change. Source Fashion United

Australians are the world’s second largest consumers of textiles, buying an average of 27 kilograms of new clothing and other textiles each year. With more than 500,000 tonnes of textiles and leather end up in landfill each year.

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How to recycle mobile phone

I want to recycle my phone, how do I and keep my data safe?

Did you know you can recycle your mobile phone?

Mobile phone technology is changing so quickly, with new innovative ‘must have’ mobiles being released, it seems, just when you thought you had the latest ‘you beaut’ up to date model! 

It’s estimated there is currently over 23 million unused and unwanted mobile phones laying dormant in Australian homes.  That’s aprox. 2,200 tonnes of metal, minerals, plastic and glass that can and should be recycled.


The not-for-profit government accredited mobile phone recycling program who’s mission is simply to keep mobile phones out of landfill and therefore avoid future greenhouse gas emissions, save energy, protect the environment and conserve  scarce natural resources.

Continue reading

How to get organised for Garage Sale Trail

It’s best not to leave organising your garage sale to the day before, as a Professional Organiser the number 1. Question I am always asked when it comes to decluttering is “Where do I start”.

It’s 4 weeks out, where do I start? Continue reading

De clutter for a simpler life leaves Bright with a brighter future


Our De-clutter for a simpler life workshop helps raise funds for local hospital and a Bright future.

After our recent visit to beautiful Bright in north east Victoria, to run our popular “De clutter for a simpler life-the 10R’s©” workshop, we certainly stirred a few people into de clutter action. Continue reading

How to recycle white goods and what to consider before purchasing new

It was time to up date and recycle our old refrigerator, after 18 years of good service it was time to say farewell to our old refrigerator. It was second hand when it came into our home so we think it serviced us well. But rather than seeing it dumped in landfill, the team at Eco Organiser wanted to make sure it was responsibly disposed of.

But before heading out to buy a new one it was time to rethink how we use a refrigerator. Since heading down the path of “Live simply so others can simply live” the way we cook and how we bring food into the house has changed.

After some thought we realised we did not need a bigger refrigerator, in fact we needed a smaller one.


Refrigerators have changed in design, so it is very important to carefully measure the space you have available. Purchasing the wrong size could be a very expensive and painful mistake.

With better design and insulation, the walls have become thinner, double check you need a bigger refrigerator


Growing families may need to move up in size, but check out effective ways to pack and stack, so the space is totally utilised. Why refrigerator empty space?

Why go big if you don’t need to, check out How to Organise my Refrigerator, and How to store herbs and How to Reduce Food Waste STUFF OFF Suffocated by Clutter

Energy Rating

This can be a mine field so to make it easy we have included a few sites that we hope will make it quick and easy for you to find an efficient appliance

Australia/New Zealand

United Kingdom

United States


After asking a few questions we were able to find out that our old refrigerator would be sent to Southern Cross Metal Recycles. Speaking with Dean Godfrey at Southern Cross Metal Recyclers I realised just how environmentally conscious his team really are.

Did you know?

That the environmental greenhouse impact for every refrigerator or freezer that is illegally degassed, equals the same effect as running your car for a 6 month period.

“Climate change is affecting us all with these ozone depleting gases compounding global warming and other associated problems.” SCMR

Does your local white goods store have a recycling program, it is so easy to find out….just ask.

The10R’s™ Rethink-Responsible-Refuse-Repurpose-Reorganise-Repair-Reduce-Reuse-Recycle-Reward