50 Things We Should Never Take for Granted

With Covid-19 dominating our world there are many things we should not take for granted. Being forced into lock-down or self-isolation takes its toll on our well-being, with many people are being drawn to buy more STUFF, to fill a void that freedom to move around offers us. In this time of self isolation why not take this opportunity to spend time (not money) and rethink things we should never take for granted.

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Women's Retreat

Post Postponed- Retreat Re store get organised for the rest of your life

In view of the fires devastating Australia we have decided to postpone Re treat Re store. Our thoughts and wishes go out to everyone that has been affected by these fires.

We are putting all our efforts into supporting charities that are working tirelessly support families, farmers, communities, habitat and wildlife lost in these fires.

We all have the opportunity and responsibility to turn back climate change, it will come with sacrifice and changes to our lifestyle but we think it is worth the effort. Continue reading

Workshop to declutter your life

Declutter and Simplify Life without costing the earth The 10R’s

Declutter and save  time, stop robbing yourself of precious time with family, friends, children, adding layers of stress that cost money and adds to our carbon footprint.

Join Tanya Lewis from Eco Organiser® at this free workshop and learn how to simplify your life, without costing the earth!

The 10R’s™ stand for Rethink, Responsible, Refuse, Repurpose, Reorganise, Repair, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Reward.

Decrease your stress levels, clear your mind and save valuable time and money by learning strategies to better organise and manage your household clutter.

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Declutter workshop

Mornington Peninsula Declutter Workshop

Mornington do you have time to waste looking for your things?

Life is too short to be looking for stuff, there are better things to be doing than wasting our valuable time, time to declutter and simplify life without costing the earth

  • How much time do you waste looking for the keys, phone, purse just to get out the door on time?
  • Does the car live on the street because there is no room in the garage, simply because there is too much STUFF
  • Do you struggle to find a little ME time or are you always busy doing STUFF?

Imagine a life without the clutter

  • There is less housework
  • Things have a “home” making it easy to find when you want them
  • Finally there is more time to do the things you want.

What would you do with more time in your day?

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Join our fun, interactive workshop and learn

  • How to identify your clutter
  • How easy it is to de clutter
  • How to eco organise
  • How to refuse clutter
  • How to identify treasures
  • How to let go of clutter
  • How to sort, organise every room in your house, without costing the earth
  • How to reduce clutter and divert waste from landfill
  • How to maintain a clutter free space so you can live the life you want
  • You will leave with a better understanding of what your clutter is, and how to responsibly dispose of unwanted stuff
  • Come along and discover how easy it is to reduce, reuse, recycle and reward yourself with a simpler life

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Join us at this fun interactive workshop and learn how to declutter and simplify life.

Founder of Eco Organiser® The 10R’s™ and author of STUFF OFF! Tanya Lewis presents her popular workshop “Declutter and simplify life, without costing the earth” to help you rid your life of clutter, so you can live the life you truly want. “Because life really is too short to be looking for STUFF!” To pre order your signed copy of STUFF OFF! click here

The 10’s™ Rethink-Responsible-Refuse-Repurpose-Reorganise-Repair-Reduce-Reuse-Recycle-Reward

Homemade lunches

Back to School- Discipline, delegate, do it or dump it!


With the kids heading back to school a few simple disciplines can make your day a lot easier, you may even find you have a little extra ME TIME. You remember ME TIME, that was when you could hit the snooze button rather than jump out of bed and sprint to get everything organised!

Being disciplined does not mean you need to set the alarm o’clock for a ridiculous hour  just to get the kids lunches packed out out the door on time. With a little planning and reorganising things around the home, life can be a lot easier, save time, money and reduce waste

By following the 4D’s makes the morning rush a thing of the past.

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