Women's Retreat

Post Postponed- Retreat Re store get organised for the rest of your life

In view of the fires devastating Australia we have decided to postpone Re treat Re store. Our thoughts and wishes go out to everyone that has been affected by these fires.

We are putting all our efforts into supporting charities that are working tirelessly support families, farmers, communities, habitat and wildlife lost in these fires.

We all have the opportunity and responsibility to turn back climate change, it will come with sacrifice and changes to our lifestyle but we think it is worth the effort. Continue reading

12 ways to prepare yourself to rid your life of clutter

How we prepare ourselves to rid our life clutter, is not as difficult as it sounds, and it super important for our success.

Clutter: Stuff that stops us from living the life we want

Let’s face it life is too short to be looking for STUFF, have you ever heard someone say from their death bed

“I wish I went to the IKEA sales”

it’s more likely to hear

“I wish I spent more time with my kids, family and friends”

“I wish I did that trip that I always wanted to do”

  1. Experience real life fun

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Re-treat Re-store

“Since I decluttered it feels like a heavy weight has been lifted,
I now have space to think”
Val~ Frankston
Learn and be inspired from the best to create the change you want in your life. Re-treat and re-store your inner and out space in a sustainable way.

Join Tanya in a beautiful location, surrounded by nature to learn the benefits for getting organised for the rest of your lives.

Learn how to identify the clutter that stops you from living the life you want

  • How to create time and space in your life
  • Rethink your relationship with clutter
  • Tips for a sustainable lifestyle that won’t cost the earth
  • Reward yourself with space to think and breathe.

This is your time to rethink and ask yourself,

Does it make me feel great, awesome, beautiful, fulfilled or does it take up MY precious time and space?

  • Clutter free lifestyle
    Boosts self-esteem
    Enhances a greater feeling of self-worth and being in control
    Reduces stress levels and improves decision making
    Greater ability to focus on what is truly important in your life

“I’m feeling so much better about everything! Thanks again for all your help. You went above and beyond due to my delicate state. That didn’t go unnoticed. You are a gem!” Carly ∼Broadmeadows


Lunch on The Terrace at Dromana Estate on the Mornington Peninsula

A two course meal and complimentary glass of wine

Pre-retreat: One on one 20 minute phone consultation with Tanya to discuss your needs, dietary requirements and answer any questions

2 hours in the company of like-minded women to learn from Tanya Lewis founder of Eco Organiser®, Australia’s leading sustainable clutter-free lifestyle coach, to learn how to get organsied for the life you want.

Post re-treat access to private Facebook support group to share success and stories

Plus much more

Arrive 12.45pm

Lunch/retreat 1.00pm to 3.00pm

So, let’s get started to re-treat, re-store and get organised for the rest of your life.

Thank you


happy homes

Happy Hearts Happy Homes

how to mindfully organise your home and life

Filling voids in our home and holding onto stuff that does not make us happy is not rational, likewise buying something which does not add value to our lives does not make sense either.

It’s not uncommon for people fill a void in their life- toys for children when a marriage has broken down, holding onto study notes when they are obsolete or easily accessible online, buying the latest sauces, packets of herbs to fulfill your desire to be a cooking diva.

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Sydney Opera House-How to Ethically Declutter

Ecologically-aware organiser and author Tanya Lewis challenges us to rethink consumption, turn chaos into opportunities and free ourselves from the vicious clutter cycle to regain control over our time and space.

Venues not already indicated will be confirmed by Friday 10 August 2018. All venues are located within the Sydney Opera House. 

Tickets $29 plus booking fee, on sale 29th June

Free yourself from the clutter cycle

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