50 quick tips to reduce waste and move towards zero waste living

Are you struggling to reduce waste and live the zero waste lifestyle?

You are not alone, people often share their struggles and anxiety with me, aiming for what we call “pantry porn”, it’s the one with perfectly matched glass jars, perfect labels, perfectly placed in the pantry. With a busy lifestyle of work, kids, caring for family or friends, study, we need quick and easy tips to reduce waste. But let’s start with some myth busting

Myth:    You need to buy storage products to get organised and reduce waste.

Fact:      Reducing waste reduces our carbon emissions, so let’s start there.

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UK Links

United Kingdom: Reduce-Reuse-Recycle STUFF!

United Kingdom Useful Links

With the War on Waste, War on Plastic and the Extinction Rebellion drawing the world’s attention to the truth behind our waste, it’s time to rethink the environmental impact all our stuff has on the planet, it’s not just plastic and clothes that add to our carbon footprint.

Eco Organiser® is on a mission to show how easy it is to responsibly dispose of the weird to the everyday normal stuff. Since visiting the UK in April 2019 we have developed a special Useful Links UK page to help you reduce, reuse and recycle STUFF.

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