Cluttered Business

5 Clutter Clusters-Part 3. Time Management

Part 3. Time Management Can your business afford the cost of clutter?

We think of clutter as physical items, yet cluttering our time with stuff that is no longer relevant to our day or tasks,  could be the difference between boom and bust. Time spent organising, decluttering and planning our time is not wasted;  clearing space is known to improve creativity, reduce stress, enhance productivity and save money.

It’s a no brainer, but how do I declutter my time? Continue reading

Ten lists to organise life

Ten lists that will change your life for ever

Lists, some people poo who lists, saying they are old fashioned and dictate our lives, I disagree.  I am a list lover, lists help clear all the stuff swimming around in  our head, keeping us up at night worrying  you will forget to do something, pass on an important message or organise something special. Lists help to declutter our headspace, plus work like a plan or road map to get us where we want to go and help us achieve what we want to achieve.

List save time and money

Writing a realistic list saves time and money; plus help reduce the chances of compulsive purchases. They help in our everyday life from organising our weekly shop to big events such as organising a Wedding, Christmas to creating the list of all lists the bucket list, all the things we want to do before we shuffle off this mortal coil. Continue reading