Shop your wardrobe reduce your fashion footprint

We hear about a carbon footprint, the amount of carbon our life choices produce and impact it has on the climate, yet how we shop, organise and care for our fashion choices come with its own footprint.

Tights, stockings, sportswear, yoga pants, and other form-fitting types of apparel are often made from nylon and although there are quite a few different types of nylon, most of them are derived from polyamide monomers that are extracted from crude oil, which is also known as petroleum. Continue reading


What to do with all that stuff you have been decluttering
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We don’t all have massive walk-in robes where clothes can hang all year around.

Some have a ‘floordrobe’ instead of a wardrobe (sound like the kids’ room ever?). Clothes take up most to the floor space, making it difficult to find what you want, when you want it.

If this all sounds familiar, you are not alone. According to the Gumtree Second Hand Economy Report, 89% of Australians have unwanted items at home and a staggering 50% admit to throwing them in the bin. Continue reading