No 7. Reduce

Reduce is not just about reducing our consumption of plastic bags, bottles, single use cups. Reduce, comes into its own when we actively reduce the impact we have on the planet and lower our carbon footprint to stem climate change.

I am writing this from a hotel dining room in Sydney in semi darkest, the power has been turned off to parts of the city to reduce the risk of bush fires on a day NSW has never experienced before “catastrophic”. Continue reading

No 6. Repair

Repair it, don’t hoard it!

In 2012 I stumbled across an article in the New York Times advocating to repair items before landfill. The Repair Café Foundation (now Repair Cafe International Foundation (RCIF), was founded by an ex-journalist Martine Postma in the Netherlands in 2011 to enable people to come together to provide a free service to their community to help repair and therefore, to extend the life of products that would otherwise end up as waste.

Since then the ground swell has been encouraging with Repair Cafes popping up in many countries, cities and rural communities, repairing everything from electrical items, picture frames, book binding to clothing repairs. Continue reading

Tanya Lewis Keynote Speakerer

Fighting the war on waste one community at a time

Waste should not be not a dirty word in fact, waste is a valuable commodity yet we use it once then throw away, now that is a waste.

Our mission is to empower communities to rethink their clutter and waste; share our ideas and show that with a few simple lifestyle changes in our home, habits, work and travel we can all make a difference to the health our planet. Continue reading