Lists, some people poo who lists, saying they are old fashioned and dictate our lives, I disagree.  I am a list lover, lists help clear all the stuff swimming around in  our head, keeping us up at night worrying  you will forget to do something, pass on an important message or organise something special. Lists help to declutter our headspace, plus work like a plan or road map to get us where we want to go and help us achieve what we want to achieve.

List save time and money

Writing a realistic list saves time and money; plus help reduce the chances of compulsive purchases. They help in our everyday life from organising our weekly shop to big events such as organising a Wedding, Christmas to creating the list of all lists the bucket list, all the things we want to do before we shuffle off this mortal coil.

Quality vs Quantity

Lists are a great way to prioritise the important tasks, so often we skirt around and complete the easy tasks, but never tackle the really important stuff. We hide the important items among st the other stuff cluttering our lists.

Set a limit of 3 tasks on your list and only add more once you have completed the tasks. I promise you will enjoy the benefits and achieve more in your day.

Reduce waste

Everything we bring into our space comes with a carbon footprint. Somewhere in the world a tree has been cut down and/or minerals have been dug out of the ground, shipped somewhere to be manufactured into the things we need and want.

Creating realistic lists and sticking to them lessen the temptations of bringing unnecessary items into our life and space. Being organised and disciplined not only reduces the amount of clutter in our homes, it reduces our carbon footprint.

Ten lists that will change your life for ever

  1. Bucket list
  2. Shopping list
  3. Christmas list
  4. Short list
  5. Long term list
  6. Wedding List
  7. To do list
  8. Check List
  9. Wish list
  10. To don’t list

My favourite is the “To don’t list” it’s for all the things I won’t do, the things I am not prepared to do, give up or give away.

  • I won’t give away my valuable time
  • I won’t waste time my valuable looking for things
  • I refuse to accept the marketing hype that STUFF makes me happy

How to manage a list

Too many times list don’t work because we overload them, expecting too much of ourselves, or we have too many lists going at once. For a list to work there are a few simple tips.

  • Only place three tasks on your list, and enjoy the satisfaction of crossing them off once you have completed those tasks
  • Once the first three tasks are completed add another three tasks
  • Only work from one list not multiple lists
  • Carry over any tasks to the next day
  • Be realistic about what you can achieve
  • DO NOT beat yourself up if you have not completed every task, chances are you had too many tasks on your list.
  • Never be afraid to scratch off things, the list doesn’t have to be perfect, it’s better to get out and do something that brings you joy.

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