It just makes good sense!

Tanya is a great communicator, with a warm and approachable manner. She makes the impossible seem possible with her pragmatic tips and helpful advice. Her care for the environment incorporated into her work blends in seamlessly, it just makes good sense! She’s saving the planet, people’s wallets and their sanity.

Claire Bell~ Senior Recycling Campaigns Coordinator, Planet Ark Environmental Foundation


Straight forward, entertaining and relevant

“Tanya was very well organised and great to work with. Tanya’s workshop was straight forward, entertaining and relevant. It was clear Tanya did plenty of research in the lead up to the event so that she was able to offer local knowledge on recycling and disposing responsibly of items. She also created a great atmosphere on the night that made it easy for the audience to engage and ask questions. I would certainly recommend her.”

Jessica Clark
Community Development Manager~ Shell Cove
Frasers Property Australia

Sensitive to everyone’s needs

Tanya facilitated a fantastic workshop for our carers.  She was sensitive to everyone’s needs and stories.  She had some great tips and a good time was had by the group who attended.


Sally Armstrong~Uniting Life.

Thank you for your donation- you are helping to build homes, communities and hope

Thank you for your generous donation of $100.00 which will provide support for families in some of the world’s  poorest countries with life-changing opportunities.

Your sincerely

Martin Thomas

CEO~ Habitat for Humanity

Eco Organiser® donates $1 from the sale of each copy of STUFF OFF! to a chosen charity


Non Spammy site for kids

Hi Tanya,

I just wanted to send a quick note to thank you for your resources page, some savvy young volunteers and I are getting a lot of use from it! We have a group through our local library that’s working on a carbon footprint project to help educate families about ways to reduce their own environmental impact. In our search for resources and ideas on how to get rid of household waste we found your page here, https://www.ecoorganiser.com.au/recycling-responsible-disposal-resources/ ..it’s been tough finding non-spammy sites for the kids so you have our thanks!

Your page gave us some great ideas to get started, as a token of our thanks we wanted to share another resource with you that one of our superstars Mia found. It’s a disposal guide for medications with some ideas on ways to get rid of or donate any other health related clutter you may have. Maybe you might even find it useful for your page? Let us know what you think:

Disposing of medicine and health products- http://onlinenursing.regiscollege.edu/msn-to-doctor-of-nursing-practice/disposing-of-medicine-and-other-health-products/

Hopefully you like it too! If you do decide to add it I’ll be sure to show the gang you liked her find. We also use https://www.freecycle.org a lot too. I love sharing so if you have any needs or cool ideas please feel free to pass them along. Thanks again and sorry if this got kind of long, I’m excited about this connection. :o)

Cheers and well wishes Katie~ America


The 10R’s are a brilliant lifestyle solution

The 10R’s are a brilliant lifestyle solution in a consumer driven society. The Declutter and Simplify your Life workshop not only provides a range of tricks and techniques to get organised and declutter, but it also shows how to do it in a socially and environmentally responsible way. I really like the idea that waste is not someone else’s problem to manage. We all need to take responsibility – choose to refuse, reuse, repair and reduce first. Thank you for such an inspiring workshop.

Melissa Staples
Community Development Officer ~ Kingborough Council, Tasmania

Community Waste Minimisation

Tanya delivered an engaging and insightful workshop about the importance of de-cluttering your life. There was a strong narrative throughout the evening; from the signs and consequences of a cluttered life to practical suggestions of how to downsize. I would thoroughly recommend Tanya’s workshop to any council seeking to engage with their community on waste minimisation.

Looking forward to future communications

Brendan Moloney
Waste Education Officer~ Hobart City Council

Turning waste into opportunities

Within a matter of days “Declutter and simplify life without costing the earth -The10R’s™ “ was fully booked

There were many new faces ready and eager to learn how to declutter and responsibly dispose of unwanted items.

Tanya not only introduced the audience to the recycling facilities available through council, she also added many new ideas of how to responsibly donate unwanted items.

The 10R’s™ complimented the sculptural installation by Juan Ford “From tears to a tsunami” made from waste collected across Maroondah 

Turn waste into art while Tanya turns waste into opportunities for people in need.

Freya Vickery~Environmental Consultant

EnviroCom Australia

So easy and so effective

Tanya made the whole process was so easy, from the handouts to the marketing information, she took care of everything.

The content was on message for our community, not just reduce, reuse and recycle, but going back to the point of consumption and rethinking, do I need it?

The 10R’s™ is delivered in a non-judgemental manner with many tips to declutter and simplify life without costing the earth

 The interaction within each group was higher than we would normally see

Overall the outcome was very positive and entertaining and look forward to welcoming Tanya back in the future

Michaela Beattie~Administration Officer Waste & Environmental Services

Wollondilly Shire Council NSW


Here’s a summary of the feedback comments to make your day 


  • Tanya was extremely engaging and I found the workshops very helpful
  • Well informed and entertaining
  • Tanya was very motivating and inspirational
  • Practical and realistic advice
  • The speaker was inspirational and gave fabulous ideas to declutter and reduce waste
  • Very practical and informative
  • Extremely informative, non-critical and humorous presentation
  • Entertaining presentation and good involvement, very practical
  • Very practical and great to help be rethink habits
  • Lots of great ideas inspiring me to get organised
  • Covered so much more than just decluttering – environment issues
  • Tanya was fabulous, easy to listen to with very practical advice.
  • Rational and logical. Wasn’t just about throwing things out, Recycling and reusing was talked about positively.
  • Practical ways to declutter, while keeping in mind the environmental impact.
  • I have learnt a lot! Good advice given by Tanya. I hope I am able to move forward now.
  • Very useful and interesting session. Three cheers to Tanya, well done!
  • Informative, covering a range of topics with lots of tips and tricks.

Moonee Valley City Council

Engaging presentation style really resonated with the audience

Tanya ran a terrific decluttering workshop for our residents. Her no-fuss, practical approach and fun, engaging presentation style really resonated with the audience.

She was also very professional well-organised for the session.

I happily recommend her.


Kelly Heffer ~Coordinator, Environment, Moonee Valley City Council


It was very therapeutic for me

Hi Tanya

In the school holidays, I did the big declutter, I steadily worked at the walk-in robe and all my mum and dad’s memorabilia and papers. I’ve put this off since I moved house 21 years ago!

Also, it was very therapeutic for me to give my 2 adult children their (18) boxes of childhood memories, prompted by your hallway story.

I felt ‘lighter’ after doing these two big jobs.

I have probably filled at least 1-1/2 large paper recycling bins, and put numerous good condition items on the nature strip (not sure if that’s permitted).

Probably approx 30-40kg – I’ve put at least 15-20 supermarket bags in the op shop/clothing recycling bins. I have also given various items to friends. And I have displayed my treasures!

I now always have a bag going, which I keep for op shop/recycled items. My daily commitment is to repurpose, donate, dispose of at least one item/object every day. And it’s working for me.

You are great! Thank you.

Barb∼ Frankston

Thanks for your newsletter, I really love what you do

Hi Tanya,

Thanks for your email/newsletter, I really love what you do. I don’t expect you to remember me, but a couple of years ago, I was volunteering at Habitat for Humanity & I attended a workshop you did there. I love your ideas,the process behind why we clutter and your passion to help others help themselves(& ultimately the wider community)

I also wanted to thank you for posting a list of recycle, reuse & donation places as I believe , the more info. people have, the more hope that people will make it habit forming, not just a one off.

Thank you again for all you do,

Kind Regards

Di∼ Ringwood

This goes way beyond caring for the physical environment.

I just wanted to pass on my thanks for organising the event last night. Tanya was engaging and delightfully down to earth and it was a great way of promoting the fantastic services offered by Council as well as supporting the environment.

The hand out and website links was an extremely useful document. I know that I have personally found the web site invaluable these past few months as I’ve been clearing out mums house.

I sat next to a lady whose husband had recently passed and was coming to terms with clearing out his possessions. She had finally gotten brave enough to throw out his toothbrush.

(Which we all know is a massive step in the grief process.) At the end she commented that the tips Tanya provided made it seem more doable.  It just brings home what a valuable role you play in supporting the community.

This goes way beyond caring for the physical environment.   Thank you!!!

Frankston City Council

Motivated and Supported

Tanya leaves a crowd feeling motivated and supported.

She is energetic, caring and practical. Always a popular and well received workshop for the environmental council series!

Thanks again.

Tess∼Wyndham City Council, Waste & Litter Education Officer, Environment & Water Department


You have left a lasting and positive impression on me

Hi Tanya

So nice to hear from you. I attended one of your workshops last year and you have left a lasting and positive impression on me – my whole new mindset is spreading into other areas of my life – thanks for the fresh new perspective – looking forward to gaining more insights from the ebooks/course I have recently purchased.

Thanks again.

Cheers Karen


Largest attended workshop!

As Resource Recovery Officer in the Waste and Recycling Unit for the City of Whittlesea, I was thrilled with the feedback from the recent workshop run by Tanya Lewis of Eco Organiser®.

In the 11 year of working for the council this is the largest attended workshop my unit has run. Tanya’s workshop attracted a totally new audience to the services we offer in waste management and recycling. She has the ability to connect the environmental impact with clutter and the effect it has on our environment

The 10R’s™ helps her audience identify what they need and want in their life and how to declutter without costing the Earth. The general feedback from attendees rated this workshop with the highest satisfaction rating, with the majority of people ready to rethink how they consume and recycle.


Jocelyn∼City of Whittlesea Resource Recovery Officer, Waste and Recycling Unit


Moving Office- Rethink before adding more things to my space

Hi Tanya

Great decluttering session with Eco Organiser®.  Just wanted to provide you with some feedback.

With my imminent move to a new work space, I found the tips on how to identify clutter and how to declutter very useful.

With a limit of 2 boxes, packing up my office and moving to the new work space will be much easier  now that I know what I need and want.

The connection made between our clutter and the environment was thought provoking, making me stop and rethink before adding more things to my space.

Time really is money, when we organise our time and space we become more efficient and productive. Thank you for sharing ideas on how we can close the loop using  Eco Organiser’s® The 10R’s™, and providing us with excellent recycling resources and ways to responsibly donate unwanted items.

Engaging, interactive and practical, setting me up for a smooth transition to my new work space.”

Kind regards

Maya Chintock

Her content was spot on.

Tanya spoke to 104 nannies at the inaugural NannyPaloozaOZ conference last month. The topic was ” Happy Homes, Happy Families-ways to support families affected by clutter and not costing the earth.”

Her content was spot on, tailored to her audience and was extremely well received. Her handouts are very useful tools for nannies on a day to day basis.

This is the second time Tanya has spoken to a nanny group and I know she can be relied upon to deliver. She is an engaging well spoken presenter and delivers with humour and empathy.

Thank you

Louise Durham Owner∼ Placement Solutions

Vice President at International Nanny Association

The best decision we ever made

I’ve been meaning to write for a while now, but got busy bringing our little princess into the world. Tanya, David and I would love to thank you whole heartedly for your services. Getting you to come to our home to guide us through de-cluttering and rearranging was the best decision we ever made.

Trying to ‘blend’ a family into a tiny home like ours was tough, but you gave us so many ideas, tools and suggestions to make life far more simpler than we had been living. De-cluttering and ‘letting go’ gets easier the more you do it and you’ll be proud to know we’ve kept it up. We had a garage sale and are now doing a few tip runs too. We called the Salvos and donated anything left from the garage sale. Feeling much more confident now. We still have a long way to go, but we can move at our own pace and are looking forward to fixing up the house down the track too. Thank you so much.
Carly & David. X∼ Broadmeadows


A huge impact on our lives.

Oh I will bug you and bug you. You’ve had such a huge impact on our lives. I’m feeling so much better about everything! Thanks again for all your help. You went above and beyond due to my delicate state. That didn’t go unnoticed. You are a gem!

Carly ∼Broadmeadows


Thank you from Garage Sale Trail

Just a quick note to thank you  on behalf of Garage Sale Trail for your involvement in the campaign as an ambassador! You are a deeply passionate person when it comes to reducing waste by living more simply; more sustainable, and we could not have thought of a better person to advocate for Garage Sale Trail. Thank you for being available for every media opportunity (even when in the early hours of the AM) and spreading the good message about Garage Sale Trail.

Kind regards

Annie & Sheena

∼Progressive PR & Publicity

Rethinking our habits and waste

Thank you so much Tanya for delivering a very informative, fun and engaging workshop in educating the Greater Dandenong community on how to avoid waste created in the first place within the household by utilising what is existing around the household, plus re-thinking our purchasing habits, which is something we most often do not consciously think about, due to us living in an ever increasing society with the culture of buying and throwing out.

 The de-clutter workshop was presented in a way that was inspirational that really got us all motivated on the importance of de-cluttering your home and being organised and how it can make you happier and more in control of your life, as well as looking after our environment and saving money! A workshop I highly recommend”

 ∼Samantha Ondrus   Waste Education Officer

Greater City of Dandenong



Gets you thinking

I’ve started answering some of the questions in your book Stuff Off . Really gets you thinking!!!


Practical and sustainable

Thank you Tanya for a wonderful, thought-provoking and interactive workshop – everyone left with actionable steps to create positive change in their homes and in their attitudes to ‘stuff’, with easy and practical tips on how to re-purpose existing products and packaging around the home to organise belongings in a way that’s both  sustainable and saves money. Your approach to sustainability in the home should be commonplace!







Reduce, Re-use and Recycle

I am pretty tidy and organised myself but you can always learn more and I am very interested in not throwing stuff out but more reduce, re-use and recycle.  Saving my bread loaf tags already as I loved your computer cable idea.

I am going to number each one and write what they are for on the tag for the power board and then just the number with laundry marker on the back of the computer so I will quickly know what goes in where when I do my pull the desk out and vacuum behind it bit as I am usually guessing and hoping.

Marie-Therese∼ Narre Warren


Awesome Presenter and captures the audience

De-Clutter for Simpler Life workshop is a workshop run by Tanya Lewis of Eco Organiser. Tanya’s workshop touched on the how easy it is to ‘drown’ in our clutter and how we can make our life simpler by getting rid of ‘stuff’ that takes our time and effort to organise.

It also bought to the audience’s attention how our ‘stuff’ can lead to landfill and by reducing our ‘stuff’ or by repurposing and recycling what we already have, we are making an effort to protect our environment.

Tanya is an awesome presenter and captures the audience’s interest from the beginning. The workshop content is simple and easy to digest and at the same time certainly makes you think.

I recommend this workshop, you won’t be disappointed.



Every Seat was taken

“With over 80 people in a crowded hall, every seat was taken. A helicopter overhead was somewhat distracting, there were technical glitches, and yet Tanya was such an engaging speaker that everybody enjoyed the evening immensely.

Tanya provided practical information and advice in a most entertaining way, keeping everybody’s attention. No-one noticed the time. She was able to inspire us without playing on guilt or shame (about our cluttered stuff), just a light humour.

Our group is particularly focused on connecting people together locally to work towards sustainable living, so we particularly appreciated Tanya’s commitment to environmentally sound practices. I would thoroughly recommend Tanya Lewis as a public speaker. She can adapt to unexpected situations, connect with her audience, keep everyone engaged, and leave people feeling motivated and inspired”.

Transition Banyule

Focused on connecting people together locally to work towards sustainable living


Embraced by the audience

Tanya Lewis was embraced by the audience from the start of her workshop.

One of her catch phrases – “Life is too short to be looking for STUFF” really summed up her presentation.

She gave an excellent presentation, spoke clearly and engaged the audience at every step. During the short break the library was humming with what the forty plus audience had already learned in the first half of the presentation and how they would apply their new knowledge.

Her definition of ‘clutter’ is “Anything that served us well once, but is no longer relevant.”

“ Her educational tool “The10R’s©” Rethink-Responsible-Refuse-Repurpose-Reorganise-Repair-Reduce-Reuse-Recycle-Reward” was effectively demonstrated and appreciated by the audience and  lives up to Tanya’s uncomplicated philosophy “Live simply so others can simply live”.

Her thorough research of the facilities available in the Alpine Shire on where people’s excess clutter could be relocated was also a highlight. She had spoken to the local opportunity shop and the council representative, Sandra Light, Alpine Shire Council’s, Facilities Officer Waste and Environment to gain this local knowledge. Tanya was passionate about how we get rid of our clutter and how not to burden the environment, to de-clutter responsibly.

Her enthusiasm and professionalism in answering all questions was also a great plus.

Many thanks to Tanya for her talk  at the Bright Library.

Teresa Merrett

Library Co-Ordinator- Bright Library


Well received by our staff

Tanya’s Declutter workshop was well-received by our staff, some of whom attended out of personal interest, and others for professional reasons. The key points that resonated with the audience were not needing to spend money / purchase more ‘stuff’ to get sorted, and a reduction of the fear factor (of decluttering) by being able to keep items of sentimental value.

Tanya was a personable speaker who used humour and audience interaction to advantage. We hope to invite her back later in the year to talk to our wider community during National Recycling Week.

˜ Melton City Council’s Green Team.


” You don’t throw anything away, because there is no away”

To Whom it May Concern

Our community was fortunate to have Tanya Lewis from Eco Organiser deliver her “De clutter for a simpler life ” workshop,and introduced us to The 10R’s ©which is not only a way of organising and de cluttering it is a way of living, travelling and having fun.

Anyone can take on this eco-friendly organising system and change their life, without costing a penny, and  also helps protect our planet. The key point I took away from the workshop was

” You don’t throw anything away, because there is no away”

This simple yet strong message was delivered in a non-judgmental yet effective manner. If you want to simpler your life, save time, money and our environment, I would recommend attending one of Tanya’s fun interactive workshops.

˜Sandra Light

Waste Management Office Alpine Shire Council



Highly Recommended!
Tanya Lewis is passionate about treading lightly on our planet. She’s a champion of the 10R’s©, including Rethink,Repair as well as good old Recycle!
She coined the term Eco Organiser, naming her business after it as well as living out the values in her daily life.
I was fortunate enough to be in the audience as she addressed the AAPO Conference in Sydney 2013.

She spoke with such emotion that you couldn’t help but take her thoughtful ideas on board. Her sensible approach to looking
after the environment, as well as her clients, is as infectious as it is motivating.
If you have the opportunity to have Tanya speak at your event, seize it with both hands. You and your audience will learn simple ways to look after your community as well as our world.

∼Sarah Cottman,
Owner of Heavenly Order & AAPO Immediate Past President.


Passionate about Mother Earth

Tanya is passionate about Mother Earth. She conveys the necessity for each person to responsibly organize, repurpose and properly recycle their “stuff”.

She knows her material well and will impress you with her facts and figures.

∼Judith Kolberg,

Author, Getting Organized in the Era of Endless. www.squallpress.net


Worthwhile and extremely informative

Hi Tanya

I wanted to share with you some of the comments we have received

  •  Excellent presentation.
  • Great presentation in a lovely venue and so useful to everyday life!
  • Interesting, good tips, entertaining presenter.
  • Very thought provoking and useful.
  • Worthwhile and extremely informative.  Valuable ideas/suggestions from audience.
  • Tanya is topz! (sic)

Thanks again for opening our 2015 Open Book series of events

∼Stonnington Library and Information Service


Participants left with “hope”, they could see beyond the clutter

Hello  Tanya

The  “De Clutter and Reduce Waste-The 10R’s © workshop, was so well received by everyone that attended. The  10R’s© fit perfectly with our education message to reduce waste to landfill.

It was so encouraging that in a short time frame you were able to change the way we look at clutter, turn clutter into practical storage solutions, rather than buying anything new.

The participants left with “hope”, they could see beyond the clutter, and had a better understanding of how to recycle and how to responsibly disposal of their unwanted items.

As you say “Being organised doesn’t cost the Earth” We look forward to inviting you back to Greater City of Dandenong.

∼Samantha Ondrus

Waste Education Officer -City of Greater Dandenong


Better than I expected

Hi Tanya

Due to high demand it was a pleasure to have you return and deliver your popular “De Clutter and Reduce Waste-The 10R’s © workshop.

It was again well received.  Here is just some of the feedback:

“Better than I expected, interesting and entertaining”

“Very inspiring-I’m going home to declutter”

“I am an international post graduate student from Melbourne University, majoring in Master of Environment, specialising in Waste Management. This was a wonderful workshop”

Thank you for sharing your 10R’s© , not only do they help our community change the way they look at waste and clutter, they help our residents turn clutter into practical storage solutions, rather than buying new ‘stuff’.

Kind Regards

Liz Caspar
Senior Sustainability Officer City of Boroondara – Environment and Sustainable Living

I am still going strong

As I have gone through the study (most challenging) room and having purchased a shredder that has been in constant use since the workshop (with the shredding being used for “animal nesting beds” at work) and I am still going strong – and seeing the top of the desk clear of clutter is very inspiring.

~ With thanks from Anne at Hoppers Crossing.

Before you start De Cluttering

Thank you to the Melbourne Minialist Meetup group for inviting me to share our eco organising ideas and for writing this great blog.

Before you start De Cluttering

Sustainable and Responsible Disposal Rather than Landfill

G’Day Tanya,

“Being passionate about the environment and wanting to see my unwanted belongings go to good homes rather than landfill. Made it a simple decision to engage Eco Organiser to help me de clutter and organise my home.Tanya was able to find good homes for left over building supplies, donated electrical equipment and even old spectacles went to a good cause. What could not be donated she found places to responsibly recycle and dispose of my clutter. I am no longer engulfed in clutter, and am working my way out of a disorganised state. I now have clear goals of what and why I want this to work, for this reason I’m progressing toward a clutter free home. I have found that some public libraries take all forms IT media for reuse &/or sustainable disposal. I remember this as a problem with our sorting.”

~ John C Harvey

De Clutter and Reduce Waste

Our residents have thoroughly enjoyed the declutter workshops provided by Tanya Lewis. Tanya was engaging, friendly, informative and brought humour to the issues surrounding household clutter. Tanya also highlighted the concerns around waste disposal and presented some enlightening ideas around reusing, recycling and repurposing. We have received positive feedback from workshop attendees and highly recommend Tanya’s sessions to anyone wanting to learn more about decluttering their home, reducing stress and saving time.

~ Nina Thomas, Sustainability Officer – City of Monash

Passionate and thought provoking workshop

Thank you Tanya for such a passionate and thought provoking workshop to ‘win back the garage’, the first step of ‘rethinking’ resonated with me and I have begun to ask myself when shopping ‘do I need it? Do I have similar already? And majority of the time I don’t and I have! I am sure I can speak on behalf of the attending Wyndham residents when I say you have made us rethink our purchasing and given us the tools to not only declutter but to maintain a clutter free home starting in the garage. I look forward to hearing your advice on the rest of the home at future workshops, thanks once again.  Thanks.

~ Hayley, Wyndham City Council Waste & Litter Education Officer  |  Environment & Sustainability

Building Homes, building hope and communities

Since meeting Tanya Lewis, she offered to run some workshops providing royalty payments from the sale of her books toward Habitat for Humanity.The feedback to date has been very well received. Tanya is a great presenter and has a wealth of knowledge on the topic of de-cluttering homes & lives. I would recommend anyone to do her course with an open mind. You will not only get great ideas but also an understanding of the importance this will have on your life. Habitat for Humanity Restore aims to build affordable housing for families in need. The partnership Eco organiser & Restore have formed both aim to improve the lives of individuals and families. Together we are making a difference in our community. Thank you Tanya for the difference you are making.

~ John Graham, ReStore Manager, Habitat for Humanity VIC

Engaging, interesting and motivated to remove clutter

Tanya’s presentation to Glen Eira Staff was very engaging and interesting. Staff commented that the presentation motivated them to act in removing clutter from their lives. The 10’r of eco organising solutions inspired staff to think about their office and homes and how to make best use of the space with less ‘stuff’ in their way.  Kind regards,

~ Sally Stewart, Sustainability Education Officer, Glen Eira City Council

 Great speaker and ideas

Hi Tanya

I just wanted to share some comments about your recent workshop “De Clutter for a Simpler Life”

  • Excellent presentation, engaging presenter, hands on, valuable tips
  • Well presented, easy to relate to, helpful ideas, presenter had obvious passion for the topic.
  • Very enjoyable, thank you!
  • Empowering.
  • Some good ideas and strategies to start implementing immediately.

Your session was very much in line with our-and participants-expectations in terms of content.

Many thanks,

~ Stonnington Library and Information Service.

 A good reminder to reduce our carbon footprint

I very much enjoyed the De clutter workshop. Tanya had a nice easy style and she provided lots of good tips to get us all thinking about what we could achieve using the 10R’s. The stress on reducing our “carbon footprint” was a good reminder of what we should ALL be doing. It made me think about other ways I could improve my own environment and home and was actually enthused enough to start clearing out some drawers this morning! An excellent presentation with lots of good advice and very useful website links to help in the process of decluttering/reusing and recycling.

~ Anonymous, Whitehorse City Council (November 2013) De clutter for a Simpler Life

I’m loving the wardrobe and bedroom in general

It gives me feelings of pride and peace..Yay!! I can think of new projects. My Mum was here today and admiring the great changes. It go us motivated and we organised my kitchen drawers and spare toy box! Yay! Thanks very much Tanya. I woke to a lovely house this morning ( I did lots of work on it yesterday) and enjoyed the lovely sense of peace and order.Thanks for the help and motivation.

~ Kate, Yarragon

It’s what I have been missingThanks Tanya for your invaluable assistance to bring much more space and order in our home. I love it every day. It was what I had been missing and unable to achieve alone. I really appreciate your expertise and energy, your support and your enthusiasm. It has made a big difference. Thanks again,

~ Kate, Yarragon

 I am your poster girl!

Hi Tanya,

All going well in Sydney, we love it here. We moved after 18 months from a large house to a semi- 2 storey. Still a good size but only one living area, much smaller kitchen, no garage and much less storage space. It is the best thing we ever did. I went into destuffing overdrive. Sold that enormous brown couch x 3, plus heaps of furniture (made about $3000 on ebay!!) and the rest went to the goodwill or the bin. So liberating. The “stuff” battle obviously still goes on but I reckon I am your poster girl for transformation. And it is so much easier to clean up with a smaller space and less stuff. Anyway, I though you might appreciate that after 4 years since we worked together I am still following your organising principles. Hope your business is booming,

~ Liz- Coogee ex Melbourne

De Cluttering simply no hassle 

Dear Tanya,

Just a note of thanks for making my “De-clutter” such a hassle free experience. Thank you also for being so straight  forward, professional and a delight to work with. The difference I feel is amazing and I do not miss any items  I have parted with … just having that second opinion made  the process so much easier. I always thought it was an extravagance to ask for professional guidance but found your services to be extremely cost effective. Happy to refer you to family and friends who wish to clear the decks a little or a lot. Many thanks again ..

~ Kind regards Trish – Elwood July 2013

I saved money by Repurposing

I was really impressed by Tanya’s neutral approach to re-organising, it made decisions for decluttering much easier as I was more relaxed. I saved about half of Tanya’s fee, just by re-purposing things I would have given away, so I didn’t have to go out and buy new things. I am really pleased Tanya help with my relocation, it made everything so much easier and gave me more time to relax in my new home. Well worth it!

~ Yvette- Footscray


I HAVE TO BE RUTHLESS, AND REMEMBER I DON’T WANT TO HAVE THIS ANNOYING STUFF ANY LONGER!!! Your words come to me at the perfect time. I appreciate what you had shared in our on line coaching sessions. I will let you know my progress.  Have a great week or two, and keep powering on in helping people get their power back! All the best,

~ from Sue and boys- Portland

 Fabulous day and wonderful feedback

PD Saturday for our Nannies /In home childcarers. Guest speaker from Eco-organising discusses the tools of the Nanny industry. What you need,how to sharpen them and keep them organised. Fabulous day and great feedback varying from very good to excellent. Thanks Tanya.

~ Placement Solutions (August 2012) “Take Time to Make time” Workshop

 The response from the community has been fantastic!

“We have now run two De clutter and Love your space seminars for our community with Tanya. The response from the community has been fantastic! Tanya provides tools and tips on how to declutter your space with the additional benefits of saving money, time and reducing waste.”

~ Fiona Stevenson, Sustainability Officer, Maribyrnong City Council (August 2012)”De clutter and Love your Space” Workshop

 Very interesting and well informed

Hi Tanya,

Thanks for sending through that information. Here’s some feedback from our evaluation forms.

  • All responses rated your knowledge of the topic Excellent or Above Average
  • All rated your ability to answer questions either Excellent or Above Average
  • All rated your presenting skills as Excellent or Above Average
  • One person said the workshop was not long enough, while everyone else said the length was perfect (2 hours)
  • All but one person indicated that they now felt confident enough to make changes in their home after attending this workshop.

Some comments

  • Well thought out presentation with good visuals
  • Tanya was very interesting and well informed
  • Covered a lot of terrific tips
  • Most interesting and helpful workshop with lots of practical advice
  • Pleasant cheerful manner
  • One person even commented on your beautiful red dress, saying how fabulous it looked.

Thanks again for this workshop.

~ City Of Kingston (May 2012) “De clutter to Simplify your Life” Workshop

 The “Hand Bag Challenge” opened my eyes to the STUFF I carry around

“The “Hand Bag Challenge” opened my eyes to the STUFF I carry around, also “Don’t store others people STUFF” I will instigate one of the 10 R’s Responsible, make other people responsible for their STUFF.”

~ Felicity, “De clutter to Simplify your Life” Workshop