Before stuff happens it’s great to get your documents sorted and in order. I don’t mean to be morbid but we are all going to die and having a Will and all your important documents sorted, saves your loved ones a whole lot of headaches, heartache, grief and stress.

20 documents you need to get sorted for when stuff happens

  1. Personal Will
  2. Copy of Will stored in secure location i.e fire safe, safety deposit box, bank, friend, solicitor
  3. Documented funeral arrangements
  4. Documented Wake arrangements
  5. Superannuation and life insurance document
  6. Property title and lease agreements
  7. Power of Attorney
  8. Enduring power of attorney
  9. Insurance Policy
  10. Clear instructions on how to find documents
  11. Clear instructions on who looks after dependents including children, pets, elderly parents
  12. List of important passwords and security i.e social media, alarm systems
  13. Authorisation to close memberships i.e gym, library, clubs
  14. Copies of passport, drivers licence, credit cards, rates notices, health care cards
  15. Instructions on organ/tissues donation
  16. List of Solicitor, Accountant, Insurance Broker
  17. Clear instructions on location of keys, jewelry, important documents, bank deposits etc.
  18. List of codes to personal devices i.e mobile phone, laptop, tablets
  19. Detailed list of subscriptions with instructions to cancel
  20. Detailed list of subscriptions with instructions to cancel

The loss of someone important in your life is a terrible time in our lives, likewise leaving our loved ones with no direction of your wishes  simply adds stress to them in a bad time. It is our responsibility to leave clear instructions for our loved ones.

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