What are The 10R’s©?

Australian waste coach, motivational speaker, Tanya Lewis aka The Eco Organiser® and author of STUFF OFF! & Ethically Declutter Your Home in 30 Days sits down with Janet McNeill or McNeill Real Estate to talk about The 10R’s and how they help reduce waste.

1.Rethink-  Will more buying stuff add value to my life?

2.Responsible- Practice Mindful/Responsible Consumption & disposal

3. Refuse-Refuse stuff that doesn’t add value to your life

4. Repurpose- Before buying more stuff or sending stuff to landfill 

5. Reorganise- Reorganise your home to fit within your current footprint before building bigger homes

6. Repair before landfill

7. Reduce waste

8. Reuse over single use

9. Recycle right

10. Reward-When we reduce waste we reduce our environmental impact and that rewards us all.

From the Australian bush to the Sydney Opera House and universities such as Melbourne, Queensland & Strathclyde (UK) Tanya has helped over 8000 people ethically declutter and reduce waste. Eco Organiser® communicates a simple message in simple language, by keeping it real and delivered in a non-judgemental you avoid the glazed over look, of “not another recycling message”

Tanya love’s being invited into communities, corporations, universities and businesses to share her passion and simple actions to reduce waste and move towards a sustainable lifestyle.

For further information or to book Tanya at your next event:

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