Decorating your home in neutrals can certainly be dull and boring, although with a little splash of colour here and there, neutrals can be turned into city glamour, beach-side shack, mountain high retreat, relaxed and comfortable home, appealing to both young and old.

Having recently attended Maison Objet 2018 in Paris, I am keen to share tips on how to work with neutrals, not against them.

In 2018 I have registered my new business Rethink Sustainable Interior Design, my aim is to show how to turn your home into your life’s vision through sustainable practices. (Website coming in 2019)

Rethinking and planning space, making responsible eco friendly choices, repairing, restyling, repurposing old to new, reusing , recycling and rewarding ourselves with beautiful spaces to live in

Neutrals are the way to go

Neutrals should never be considered boring or dull, they are perfect if you like to change the look of your home on a regular basis, plus they adapt well to change and trends.

Neutral carpets and window treatments combined with a simple palette are an easy way to create your master piece.

Neutrals enable you to layer your blank canvas with your own personal pieces, creating your unique style and expressing your personality.

Utilise your treasures to decorate your space

Rather than your treasures cluttering the cupboards, it is time to bring them out and give them a position of importance. Use your treasures to inject your personality, colour, warmth and texture.  Relive your precious moments through the decorating of your space. If these pieces do not warrant pride of place in your home, ask yourself why you are holding onto it.

Don’t be swayed by “in colour”

When purchasing expensive items, invest in timeless quality pieces and don’t we swayed by the “in colour”.  Colours are like clothes, they come in and out of fashion. One bright bold orange room may not take your fancy after five years, whereas neutrals with splashes of orange of inexpensive accessories are easy and inexpensive to change.

Savings money

Who doesn’t want to save a little money, especially if you like to change your space regularly? Money can be saved with inexpensive decorating items such as scatter cushions, vases and throws; they quickly change the look and feel of a room without breaking the bank account.

Be brave and embrace your inner designer

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