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Win back the garage, organise a garage sale trail

Never had a garage sale? it’s easy and a great opportunity to declutter your home while having fun meeting a host of people, recycling, repurposing your unwanted items, and saving them from landfill.

As one of the Ambassadors for Garage Sale Trail I am here to tell you it is easy and alot of fun playing with the 10R’s™

As the old saying ‘one person’s trash is another person’s treasure’ is so true! With a little effort you can turn your old stuff into someone else’s new stuff.

And with the annual and world’s largest Garage Sale Trail coming up on Saturday 22nd October now is a good time to start looking around your home, school or business for sale items, getting organised and registering your sale online at 

When registering you will be asked to give your garage sale a name (we at Eco Organiser laughed at ‘It’s A Divorce’, ‘Honey I Sold The Kid’s Stuff’ and of course, ‘The Happy Hoarder!) which, along with photos of a few of the really special items you would like to sell, will be loaded onto the Garage Sale Trail website for promotion.

Alternately, if you are looking to buy on the day you can print out a personalised ‘Treasure Trail’ map showing all the garage sales registered in your area and plot an easy to follow path to them.

For all you need to know go to the Garage Sale Trail

The garage sales website has a handy ‘garage sale checklist’ to help you get organised but here’s a few suggestions from our own experiences


  • You might like to take the time to create stick on price labels or tags for items
  • Alternately you could rely on asking prospective buyers to ‘make an offer’
  • Generally you can expect to price most items at 25-35% of their original price.
  • With clothing you can expect to make from 5-10% and please ensure garments are clean


  • Inevitably you will need lots of small change on you and we suggest more rather than less.
  • During the weeks leading up to your garage sale go to the bank and /or start accumulating coins and smaller denomination notes.  It’s good to have plenty of change as it would be sad to lose a sale because you didn’t have the correct change of say, a $50 note, in your kitty.
  • Keep your kitty in a safe place; ideally use a bum bag tied around your waste for easy access.
  • You may like to make a note of how much money you originally started out with in your kitty so that at the end of the day you can calculate how much you have made!


  • Once you have accumulated all your items for sale, start thinking about how you can best display them for maximum appeal and easy access. i.e you may want to hang clothing on a portable clothes rack and  place a mirror close by, or all kitchen /sporting/garden items could be grouped together
  • You could think about creating bargain bins or boxes for smaller items
  • Children’s toys could be spread out on a rug on the ground making it easier for littlies to see

Need more help

Join in our up coming workshops “De Clutter Win Back the Garage-The 10R’s™”  and “Declutter for a Simpler Life- The 10R’s™

Please think about how you will dispose of any unsold items responsibly.

Our External Resources section on this site lists some organisations and charities that could benefit from your donation of goods.

And finally, have fun!

The 10R’s ™ Rethink-Responsible-Refuse-Repurpose-Reorganise-Repair-Reduce-Reuse-Recycle-Reward