Thrilled to be asked by to contribute our thoughts and practices to reduce waste and move towards a sustainable lifestyle. Starting to have a more sustainable lifestyle is of great importance nowadays, especially considering all the environmental problems that we are facing due to the lack of consciousness regarding the impact that our habits have on our planet’s health.

There is an imperative need to change the way that we live, even the smallest actions have a great impact on the carbon footprint that we leave behind, but some of us have no idea where to start or how to switch to a more sustainable way of living, so we asked the experts their best tips and advice on how to start transitioning into a zero-waste lifestyle, keep reading to know what they said.

Q: What is the zero-waste movement and why is it important for more people to adopt this lifestyle?

A:  Zero waste is about eliminating waste and overconsumption. It is about stopping the production and consumption of single-use products that end up as waste. With Climate Change being our biggest issue, adopting a zero-waste lifestyle is probably one of the most important steps we can all make to minimize our impact on the environment. Most of the damage to the planet happens in the extraction and production phase so using the waste hierarchy is critical. The top-level of that is prevention: don’t create waste in the first place.  If we are going to move towards a zero-waste, we need to start today. To achieve zero waste, we need a clear target. We need local and central governments to work together to set a date and a target goal of zero. Our motto in the movement is: If we cannot reuse it, if we cannot recycle it, if we cannot compost it, we simply shouldn’t be making it, a quote from Dr. Paul Connett.”

By Marty Hoffart, Chair at  Zero Waste Network Aotearoa

Q: Which tips can you give us to start going zero waste at home?

A: I actually don’t love the term “zero-waste” because it implies the need for perfection, getting your waste down to zero, which can be so intimidating that it stops some people from taking any action.  At Plaine Products we prefer “progress, not perfection” as a mantra. To reduce waste in your life we suggest starting with small manageable changes and expanding from there.  And be opportunistic, it doesn’t help the waste problem to throw everything plastic away and start fresh. As you replace, take the time to make more sustainable choices and move your household in a zero-waste direction.

A few suggestions for the kitchen: 

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